Add logo / image to form

Healthie's Form Builder enables you to set up the questions that you'd like clients to complete as part of Intake or a Program. You are able to add questions of many formats. You are also able to add an image to your form. This can be useful for:

  • Adding your business logo to a form
  • Adding an image to a Program that is viewable within the module directly
  • Adding additional branding elements to your forms

These images are visible while clients complete your forms.

In order to add your image to an intake form, navigate to Forms > Select Form > Select "Agreement (Read Only) as your Question Bank Type > Upload Image > Upload your Image

If you would like to add your image to multiple forms you will need to make this addition to each of your forms. 

You are able to resize the image that you have added using the resize square icon in the pop-up display.


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