Sign up and log into Healthie

Welcome to Healthie! To log in to your provider account, visit > login to access your account. Your username is the email address you used to create your account, along with the password you created. You can change the e-mail address associated with your account at any time. You can also reset your password if needed. 

Healthie offers a companion app that will allow you to conveniently access your account from anywhere. If it's your first time logging into Healthie, we recommend logging in from the web application (not app) to set up your account


What is Healthie? 

Healthie is a cloud-based practice management platform designed for nutrition and wellness professionals. Through our secure platform, you can manage your business and work with your clients. The Healthie platform can be accessed from the web browser ( or through our iOS and Android App, meaning, you can always access your account, wherever you are, and whatever device you are using. 

Here are some overview resources that you may enjoy reviewing, to see how the platform works. 

How does Healthie work for my clients? 

Whether you are trialing Healthie or an active member, you can add and/or invite clients to join you. Learn more

Once your client has been added, they'll be able to log in to their Healthie Client Portal from the web browser or Healthie app. The Healthie platform enables clients to book appointments, purchase services, launch virtual sessions, message their wellness provider, check-off goals, keep a food journal, and much more. Learn more

Do I need an LLC to set up my Healthie account?

No. Healthie does not distinguish whether you are established as a business or not. In fact, many providers will use this platform in parallel with establishing their business and legal entities, and also as students preparing for a degree, in order to get set up with business fundamentals. We recommend that you look into your local and state regulations with regard to practicing and licensure requirements. 

Get a Healthie provider account 

As a wellness provider, you can start a free trial with Healthie, which will automatically create your "provider account." At the end of the trial, you can choose to close your account or select a membership plan that best meets your business needs. Start a free trial

If during the trial process you decide that Healthie is not the right fit, you can cancel at any point during that period without charge or penalty. To cancel your trial membership, log into Healthie > Subscription > Cancel.

What are the Healthie Plans?

Here are our plans and prices:

On Healthie's out of the box plans (Beginnings through Group Practice) you have the option of purchasing a month to month or annual plan. 

  • Month to month plans can be cancelled at any time (you won't be billed when you cancelled; you will not receive a pro-rated refund for unused time)
  • Annual plans can be cancelled at any time before renewal (you will not receive a pro-rated refund for unused time)

Sign into Healthie's iOS and Android App

Healthie's web and mobile platform uses an email address as the username. You are then asked to set a secure password.  

  • For providers: Please use the same credentials that you use to sign into Healthie on a computer or tablet. Your username is your email address. 
  • For clients working with a health/wellness professional: Please use the invitation email that you received from your provider, to set up a password and access your account. You will not be able to sign in to the mobile app without using a link received via email.

Changing your primary email address

You can change the primary e-mail associated with your Healthie account following these instructions:

Healthie Portal > Settings (top right) > Account > E-mail Address > Change your E-mail

Note: For security reasons, you'll be asked to enter your password as well.

You are able to have one email address on file, per account login. Your email address is used as your log in to the platform, is the reply-to email address if clients communicate to you via email and shows up on e-faxes to healthcare professionals. 

How to reset your password

Forgot your password? Not a problem. 

You can easily reset it by clicking the link here and entering your Healthie account email. We'll email you a password reset link. 

If you have any questions about account access, please contact support by emailing Our team will respond promptly to provide assistance. 

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