Part 1: Getting Started with Healthie

To help you get started with your Healthie account, we've organized important resources to learn the Healthie platform and set up your account. 

Here's a video walkthrough of Part 1: Getting Started with Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you set up your account. You'll find more recorded tutorial videos like this at Healthie University

1. Access your Healthie account from web or mobile device

You can access your Healthie account on the web ( and on your mobile device ( download the iOS and android mobile apps). 

Sign into your Healthie account

Healthie's uses an email address as the username. When you sign up for the platform, you are asked to enter your e-mail address, and you are then asked to set a secure password. You can change the e-mail address associated with your account at any time, if you'd like to do so. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset your password here.

  • For providers: You will use the same credentials when you log into your Healthie account on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Your username is your email address. 
  • For clients: Clients will receive an invitation e-mail when working with you, and will also be asked to set up a password to access their account. Clients will not be able to sign up for an account unless they have been invited by you, use your unique link or they have purchased a package / booked an appointment with you from your website. 

About the Healthie Mobile App

Healthie's mobile app (available on iOS and Android with the app name "Healthie") serves as a companion tool for both you and your clients for on the go communication, food logging, appointment scheduling, and more. If you have not yet downloaded the mobile apps, we recommend doing so and signing in with the same e-mail address and password that you use to sign in from the computer.

Healthie providers will typically utilize a combination of the web platform and mobile apps as part of care. We recommend using your computer or tablet for back-office activities (e.g., charting, reviewing client records, handling accounting and payments) while leveraging the mobile apps for viewing your schedule on the go, engaging with clients (e.g., reviewing journal entries, messaging with clients, etc).  Video calls are available on both the web platform and mobile apps for you and clients. 

Actions that you take on the mobile app will update in real-time on your web account, so you can feel free to use devices interchangeably. 

2. Set up your profile 

When you log into your Healthie account, you will see your home page, which includes information about your upcoming appointments as well as a newsfeed of your clients' recent activity. 

You are able to customize your Healthie account and profile by navigating to Settings in the top right of your Healthie screen. 

We recommend getting started by adding your Brand and Business information, which will appear throughout the platform and is visible to your clients, for consistency of your business information.

  • Add your Business Name
  • Add your Logo
  • Set your platform colors
  • Add links to your social media accounts and website

If you do not have your brand assets with you, or are planning to make updates to this information, you are able to modify this information at any time, which automatically carries forward throughout the platform. 

3. Set up your services and packages

Healthie's payments system enables you to link your bank account to directly receive payments and create packages to both charge your clients and have clients purchase. Navigate to Billing > Client Packages in your Healthie portal to set up your services and packages. 

Get started with Healthie billing in four steps: 

  1. Link your bank account. Healthie integrates with Stripe, which allows you to safely store client credit card information, and process payments. Received payments are directly transferred to your bank account. 
  2. Build a Package. Packages, much like appointments, can be visible or not visible to clients. If you mark a client package as "visible" then your client will have the ability to purchase online. Keeping a package "not visible" will allow you to manually charge clients as necessary. Some providers choose to keep packages "not visible" in order to adjust pricing on a per client basis more easily. 
  3. Access a sharable link to your packages to place on your website and social media pages.
  4. Learn how to charge your clients. To manually charge a client for a package, Navigate to Billing > Client Package > Select Package > Charge. Find your client from the drop-down to charge their card on file.Your client will automatically receive a payment receipt via email as well as an appointment confirmation email. 

4. Set up your calendar 

Healthie's calendar is designed specifically to meet the needs, nuances, and special considerations for a health and wellness business. You are able to take advantage of over 35 settings to meet your business's specific needs. Navigate to Calendar on your Healthie dashboard to access your Calendar, and More in the top right of your Calendar to access specific Calendar settings. If you are part of a team that uses Healthie, you will may have also have access to the Organization Calendar to view your team's availability. 

Get started with Healthie's calendar in seven steps: 

  1. Set appointment types: Indicate the sessions / services that you offer (e.g., Initial Consultation, 90 minutes, available in-person and virtual) enable / disable a client to book this session, and indicate whether it's an individual / group session.
  2. Establish appointment settings: Add locations, text / e-mail appointment confirmations and reminders, a color scheme for your calendar, add a buffer in between appointments, etc.
  3. Set up your default availability: Enable clients to book (or request to book) sessions with you (which can be shown on your website). 
  4. Add (and remove) one-time availability: Open up additional time on your calendar for clients to book, for a specific date/time.
  5. Sync Healthie with iCal, Google, and Outlook Calendars: Pull/push events from other calendars that you use.
  6. Tie appointment sessions to client packages: Charge for appointments that you offer.
  7. Add your calendar / packages to your website: Allow clients to discover, book, purchase your sessions, and be automatically added to your workflow.

5. Set up your intake forms and charting templates

Healthie's intake forms and charting templates builder make it easy to put together Forms for your clients to electronically fill out and e-sign on Healthie, or for you to handle Charting internally that becomes part of your client health record. 

You will not need to start from scratch, as Healthie provides a forms library so that you can utilize or edit common-place forms. Of course, if you prefer, you can always build your own forms for intake and/or charting.

Intake forms

Once you have created your intake forms, you'll want to add these to an Intake Flow, which will be the flow of paperwork your clients are automatically prompted to complete. 

Charting Templates

You can set up your charting templates, which is the outline of note-taking during a session. You can also set up your charting templates such that information smartly pre-populates from your intake forms into your charting templates, to save time while charting, and to automatically pre-fill information from prior Charting notes. 

6. Navigate Superbill and CMS 1500s


If you will be providing Superbills to your clients, we recommend practicing the process of creating a Superbill, as well as saving your NPI and business information within the Superbill form. 

Healthie makes it easy to automatically create and electronically share Superbills with your Clients. A Superbill is a specialized receipt outlining the services you have provided your Client. Clients can submit these to their insurance companies to (potentially) get reimbursed for services rendered; we've alternatively seen some providers submit Superbills on behalf of their clients. Importantly, even when preparing a Superbill for a client, you still collect payment from client at time of service, and any reimbursement provided by an insurance company goes to the client directly. 

CMS 1500s

If you will be accepting insurance, we recommend reviewing the CMS 1500 platform within Healthie, which helps you generate and submit claims (electronically or physically) to an insurance company for reimbursement for services. 

You can use this feature if you are credentialed with an insurance company and considered to be in-network. In this instance, after a session with a client, you can prepare this standardized form, and then submit this for possible reimbursement. 

7. Add a test client to Healthie

A great way to test out the client experience and workflow that you've created is to create a test client account (adding yourself as a test client in Healthie). Here are some best practices as you test the client experience on Healthie.

  • Add yourself, using a secondary email. This email cannot be the same as your Healthie provider email. 
  • Check your email for your invitation. 
  • Login as a client from the Healthie web browser and/or mobile app.
  • Practice filling out your forms.
  • Enter a journal entry.
  • Enter a goal. 
  • Schedule a session and review the confirmation email you receive. 
  • View available packages (if you've made any visible). 

Once you've completed your test-client run, you may want to go back and make some adjustments. We also suggest reviewing this Client Engagement on Healthie guide to learn how to add new clients and begin working with them on Healthie. 

Additional Resources  

We suggest that you deep dive into the following tutorial videos to learn about how to best set up your Healthie account.

View our Live Class Recordings below: 

Healthie has several resources that you are welcome to use, to help you share your online platform with your clients, and make it easy for them to work with you online. 

  • Learn how to provide an overview of Healthie to your clients here.
  • Share out this Healthie Client Overview and Help Center designed specifically with your clients' needs and questions in mind.
  • Leverage our Client Resources handouts here.

If you require any additional support, our team is here to help you. Send us an email at

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