Clients viewing and uploading documents

When you share a new document with a client, they will automatically receive a notification email. Clicking the link within the email will prompt them to sign into their Healthie Client Portal (on web browser or mobile) where they will be able to view your shared resource. 


How a client can view their documents  

Clients will continue to have access to this resource within their own Documents library, unless you unshare the resource with them. Your client can view their documents by going to the "Documents" tab when logged into their Healthie Client Portal from the web browser or mobile app. 

Here are some best practices and recommendations, that you can share with your clients, on viewing documents:

  • MP3 files: If your client is interested in fast forwarding / replaying parts of the MP3 file, we'd recommend suggesting that they download the .mp3 file locally, which may provide more options than in-browser viewing / listening.

How a client can upload a document 

Clients are also able to upload a document to share with their wellness provider. This can be anything from lab work they've receive, medical test results, an image of their current prescription list, a picture, and more. Clients can only upload an image from the Healthie mobile app. To share other types of resources (PDF, word doc, excel, mp4, mp3) they must log into their Healthie Client Portal from the web browser. 

For a client to upload a document on web browser: 

  • Select "Documents" from their client dashboard 
  • Click "Add Document" 
  • Select the document 
  • Click "Upload" 

When a client uploads a document, you will automatically receive a notification that they have shared a document with you. Learn how to adjust your notification settings here

How a client can organize their documents

Just as providers can organize resources into folders, clients can also easily create folders. This can be done by clicking the "Create Folder" button within Healthie documents. Clients can drag-and-drop resources into folders, and even create subfolders (folders within a folder). 

Viewing documents a client has shared

You can view a document that a client has shared by going to their individual client profile > Charting 

Select "View Documents" 

You'll see a list of all of the documents that you have shared with the client, as well as any documents that they have shared with you.

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