Organizing documents into folders

Healthie Documents can be used as a way to collect, store, and distribute documents (e.g., resources, handouts, recipes, and onboarding materials) and share them within an organization and with clients.

You can easily create folders to organize documents within your business. These folders can be shared internally within your organization across providers, and/or externally with your clients. 

Note: You are able to create duplicate folders with the same name, so you may want to consider generating unique names for each folder created to avoid confusion.

When lab results are added a new "Care Plan" folder will be automatically generated to house those documents. If there is already a "Care Plan" folder in the documents section the old one will be deprecated and the new one will replace it.

Create a folder 

To create a Folder in your documents library: 

  • Click the "Create Folder" button at the top right. 
  • Give your folder a name 
  • You can then move documents into particular folders.

Organize your folders 

As with any resource library, you can save time and administrative work by keeping your resources strategically organized. Here are some tips for utilizing folders within Healthie Documents: 

  • Give your resources and folders relevant names. This will allow you (and your clients) to quickly identify your resources. 
  • Move all resources into a folder. Avoid having single documents in your library. Instead, keep them organized within folders.  
  • Utilize sub-folders. You can create a folder within a folder. For example, if you have a folder for "Recipes" you can create a folder within this folder for "Dinner Recipes." Continue creating sub-folders as needed. 

Sharing folders

You can easily share a folder with a client(s), other members within your organization, and even have certain resources automatically share with client(s). 

To share a folder:

  • Click the "Actions" icon (three dots) next to the folder or resource you would like to share  
  • From the "Share With" drop-down, select the client(s) or client group(s)
  • Click the blue "Save" button

There are two automatic sharing features available: 

  1. Share with all active clients: this will allow you to make your folder available to anyone who is an active client (archived clients will not receive). Check the box next to "Share with all active clients" and use the x next to a client (or group) name to remove them from the list. Click "Save" 
  2. Share with all new clients when they join: every new client moving forward that is added to Healthie will automatically have access to this folder of resources through their Healthie Client Portal. Check "Share with all new clients when they join" and click the "Save" button. 

Learn how to unshare a document with a client here

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