Healthie Video Calls: Adjust Video Screen Size

Varying screen sizes for video calls when launching Healthie Telehealth sessions are available from the web browser. You are able to adjust the video screen to mini, full screen, or stacked video, based on your preferences during the call. These new screen sizes allow for better workflows when charting or chatting during a video session.

A video menu exists on the top of your video screen. The three icons represent the varying screen sizes.  


This video experience will show both client and provider videos on the left-hand side, allowing for charting and Quick Profile to be expanding. Close the Quick Profile as needed to enlarge your charting space. 

Full Screen

When switching to fullscreen, the charting view and Quick Profile will toggle away, allowing you to focus solely on your video session. 


Will show your client in a miniature view on the bottom left of the screen. This will allow the charting area, and Quick Profile, to expand, to optimize your charting ability. 

When your video screen is in the "mini" position, you'll see the option to move the video display screen. This will allow you to conveniently navigate the screen. 

Click the reposition button on the top-right corner of the video box once your session is launched. You can now freely move the video box, click to reposition it elsewhere. 

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