Getting Started: Video Calls

Healthie's video call capabilities enables providers to bring HIPAA-compliant telehealth to their business, for both one-on-one and group calls. 

  • Our built-in telehealth feature allows members on all plans to offer 1:1 virtual sessions. 
  • Healthie also offers a direct integration with Zoom for Healthcare, which allows providers to offer group video calls, virtual support groups, webinars, and virtual internal team meetings. 

If you're new to Healthie Video Calls, we recommend you join our daily Live Webinars on Video Calls & Healthie. Live Classes are free and open to all Healthie members.


Healthie Video Calls (Built-in Telehealth)

Available on web & mobile apps, on web does not require a local installation, accessible via Healthie mobile app, for individual (1:1) video calls (not for group sessions). You can take private charting notes on the same screen during a client session. 

Healthie Video Calls is included on all membership plans. 

Varying screen sizes for video calls when launching Healthie Video Call sessions are available from the web browser. You are able to adjust the video screen to mini, full screen, or stacked video, based on your preferences during the call. These new screen sizes allow for better workflows when charting during a video session

You'll find more resources on using Healthie's Video Call feature below.

Integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom

Outside of Healthie's built-in telehealth feature, Healthie also offers a direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom for individual or group sessions, and webinars. A personal Zoom

Integrated your Healthie's calendar, booking a Zoom appointment through Healthie generates a secure call link for clients (and internal) sessions. 

Our integration with Zoom is available to all members on our Plus plan and above. By default this integration is active for your account (view your integrations). You do not need a personal Zoom account or subscription, and you do not need to take any action to enable Zoom. Basic Zoom features like chat, screen sharing, and session recording are automatically available during your Zoom sessions - with the option to enable other Zoom features for your account

To set up a Healthie session to use Zoom, review the resources below: 

Automated Workflows for Video Calls

Healthie allows you to set up several workflows to automate your processes. These automations save time and help to decrease no-show rates, or late cancellations for your virtual sessions. 

  • Automatic appointment confirmation emails send to clients, and include a link to join their video call session 
  • Email and/or SMS test appointment reminders can be enabled at the frequency you indicate > Learn more
  • Tie an intake flow, or specific form, to an appointment booking for clients to complete electronically 
  • Adjust your notifications for when appointments are booked by clients > Learn more

Enable Online Appointment Booking for Clients 

While some providers prefer to maintain their calendar, you may want to offer your virtual services for clients to book directly. This can be done by editing the settings of your Appointment Type(s)

If online booking is enabled for an appointment, you can then go ahead and have clients self-book appointments. This can be done in a few ways: 

Share your calendar link with new or prospective clients 

When you s hare your calendar link, clients will see any appointments that you've enabled clients to book. They can find the appointment they are interested in and select the date/time. If it is a webinar or group session, they will only see the date/time that you've indicated for the session. 

If they are a new client, they will then be prompted to enter their information including name and email address. This can be an ideal way to have clients join a free event like a free webinar. You can also have existing clients book an appointment and then charge their credit card on file post-session, send them an invoice, or create a CMS 1500 insurance claim. 

Share a client package with your video call service

If you'd rather clients pay upfront for your video call services, you can create a self-pay client package and get a sharing link. This link can be used to market your service on your website, in an email, in a message, and in many other ways. When a client clicks the package link, they'll be prompted to provide their information, credit card number, and can also select their appointment date and time. 

You'll receive a notification when your client purchases a package and books an appointment. Adjust your notifications here. 

Your Client's Video Call Experience 

When a client (or you) book a video call appointment, they will automatically receive a confirmation email as well as an email appointment reminder. Adjust your appointment reminders to clients here

With a Healthie video call session, clients do not need to download any additional apps or plugins. They can launch their video call from the web browser or mobile app, as long as they are logged into their Healthie Client Portal. Our data shows that most clients prefer to use the Healthie Mobile app to launch their video calls. When logged in to the app, clients will see their "Next Appointment" clearly displayed, along with a link to click to "Join Call." I

Alternatively, if clients log into their Healthie portal 10 minutes before the appointment, a blue bar will appear inviting them to join the appointment directly from that link. 

If clients want to join the appointment more than 10 minutes in advance, they can join from the dashboard as we described above, or they can click on the "Appointments" tab on the lefthand side menu, and click "Join Call" on the desired appointment. 

For a Zoom call, your client will need to download the Zoom app prior to launching the call. You can let your client know this in advance, by sharing the Video Call FAQs client handout (listed below). 

Below you'll find some free client resources that you may want to leverage with your clients, to help introduce them both to Healthie and virtual sessions. 

Additional Resources & Telehealth Troubleshooting

Note: Call recording is not a feature of Healthie's built-in telehealth sessions. Zoom must be used for this capability. 

We’re here to help! Please e-mail us: if you have any account-specific questions we can assist with, and join our daily Live Webinars on Video Calls & Healthie. Live Classes are free and open to Healthie members.

You'll find troubleshooting tips in the articles below. We recommend reviewing these guides prior to submitting a support ticket, as the most common technical issues are covered in the guides. 

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