Getting started: Healthie Telehealth (One-on-one and Group)

Healthie's HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. 

This can be useful for:

  • Hosting video call sessions
  • Conducting webinars
  • Hosting classes
  • Recording meetings (via Zoom)
  • Conducting meetings with multiple clients / providers 

In this article, we offer:

  • Getting started with telehealth through Healthie
  • Creating a telehealth appointment for your client(s)
  • Joining a telehealth session 
  • Initiating a telehealth session as a provider that is not scheduled
  • Charting during a telehealth session

Overview: Getting started with telehealth through Healthie

Creating a telehealth appointment for your client(s)

When creating an appointment, select "Telehealth" as appointment location.

Joining a Scheduled Video Chat Session

If you scheduled an appointment within Healthie,  a blue bar will appear at the top of your screen, and your client's screen, 10 minutes before a session begins. Simply click on the green bar, and both of you will be taken to your room. 

As a provider, you will be able to see the Private Notes on the right hand side of your telehealth screen. Clients will not see this screen, they will see their recent Chats with you (and, be able to message with you, in real-time, during a sesion). A forthcoming update will enable you as a provider to also view previous chart notes on a client (that have not been pre-filledAt this time, it is not possible to view an archive of previous notes within the side 

Note: If you do not create the appointment within Healthie, the telehealth bar will not show. For example, even if you have your Google Calendar synced to Google, you need to create the appointment within Healthie, for the green bar to appear. 

Initiating a (not-scheduled) Video Chat Session 

Providers always have the ability to start a video chat and invite a particular client, even if there was no previously scheduled appointments, as long as that client has a Healthie account. 

There are two ways for providers to initiate a video chat: 

Option 1: From the General Clients Tab, select "..." and then Telehealth

Option 2: Within a client's profile, click the  video chat button on their profile picture

Charting during a telehealth session

As a provider, during a telehealth session, you are able to see "Private Notes" (which is the same as Charting) during a telehealth session. Your client does not see these notes; rather, they see their chat with you. You are able to take notes with the same functionality as during an in-person session, and select the charting template of your choice. For example, if you have "pre-fill" on, chart note will pre-fill for that client as expected.

Sometimes, you may want to view archived client chart notes. In this instance, we recommend opening up another tab / browser of Healthie (and, if you have two monitors, leveraging two monitors for this with the second tab on your other screen) and accessing archive of chart notes on that second tab. An upcoming release that we are in the process of designing, will enable you to access archived telehealth notes on the same URL.