Getting started: Healthie Video Calls (One-on-one and Group)

Healthie's HIPAA-compliant video call (telehealth) solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. With Video Call, you can host video call sessions, conduct webinars and classes, record sessions, and hold meetings with multiple participants.


Getting started with Video Calls (Telehealth) through Healthie

Within Healthie, you have two options for video calls:

1. Healthie's built-in video call platform

Available on web & mobile apps, on web does not require a local installation, accessible via Healthie mobile app, for one-on-one calls, meetings cannot be recorded, you can take private charting notes on the same screen during a client session. Healthie video call is included on all membership plans. 

2. Healthie's integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom

Integrated with Healthie calendar to generate secure links for client (and internal) sessions, available on web & Zoom mobile app, can host one-on-one and group calls, meetings can optionally be recorded. Healthie's integration with Zoom is available on Practice Plus plan and above. To upgrade your account to Practice Plus, email us at 

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie video call, including creating and launching both individual and group video call session.

Healthie: How to Run a Telehealth Session

Create an individual client session

First, please make sure that you have "Healthie Video Call" as an enabled appointment type. By default, this setting is on, but we suggest you review your settings to confirm. 

  • Navigate to Gear Icon > Settings > Click "Appointments" under Calendar 
  • Make sure the box next to "Healthie Video Call" has a check
  • Next, for an appointment to be booked as a virtual call, you first need to ensure that your appointment type includes "Healthie Video Call" as a contact type. 

Calendar > More > Appointment Types 

Find the appointment that you would like to offer as a virtual session. In the "Contact Types" category, check to see if " Healthie Video Call" is listed. If not, you can click "Edit" next to the appointment and update the contact type. Tip: check the video icon. 

Now you can book a video call appointment on your calendar. 

  • Click the "Add Appointment" button in your calendar 
  • Select your client/invitee from the drop-down and choose the appointment type (ie. Initial Appointment) 
  • When creating an appointment, select "Healthie Video Call" as the "Contact Type.

Individual video call session via Zoom: 

For members on Healthie's Practice Plus plan and above, you have the ability to create your 1:1 client sessions as Healthie video calls or via Zoom. When creating your appointment, simply: 

  • Choose Healthie Video Call as the "Contact Type
  • Check off the box beneath contact type "Use Zoom for Video Chat
  • A Zoom link will automatically be generated for both you and your client to use 

Whether you set your appointment up as a Healthie Video Call or a Zoom call, your client will automatically receive a notification. They will also receive an appointment reminder. Adjust your appointment reminders to clients here

Create a group video call or webinar

Before adding your group appointment or webinar to the calendar, you need to create it as an appointment type first. 

Calendar > More > Appointment Types > Add new type 

  • Name your group/webinar (clients will see the appointment name) 
  • Check off "Group Appointment" box 
  • Check off "Clients Can Book" if you'd like this appointment to appear in your calendar for any client to join
  • Choose the duration time 
  • Uncheck the phone and in-person contact type icons, leaving only the video icon checked
  • Click "Add Appointment Type" 

Now you can book a group video call or webinar.

To create a Group Video session via Zoom, please make sure to click " Group" when selecting whether the session is Individual vs Group. From the invitee list, you can add individual clients or groups of clients. 

If you are offering a regular group call (ie. a virtual support session), you can mark off "Repeating Appointment" at the bottom of the appointment box (above the "Create" button). 

Interval: the frequency of which you want the appointment to occur

  • Weekly 
  • Biweekly (every 2 weeks)
  • Monthly 

Repeat times: the total number of times you'd like to run the group appointment (ie. 6 for a 6 week session) 

Note: There is a 100 person maximum on all group calls and webinars. Clients will automatically receive their appointment confirmation and appointment reminders as per your settings

Enable online appointment booking for clients 

While some providers prefer to maintain their calendar, you may want to offer your virtual services for clients to book directly. This can be done in a few ways: 

Share your calendar link with new or prospective clients 

When you share your calendar link, clients will see any appointments that you've enabled clients to book. They can find the appointment they are interested in and select the date/time. If it is a webinar or group session, they will only see the date/time that you've indicated for the session. 

If they are a new client, they will then be prompted to enter their information including name and email address. This can be an ideal way to have clients join a free event like a free webinar. You can also have existing clients book an appointment and then charge their credit card on file post-session, send them an invoice, or create a CMS 1500 insurance claim. 

Share a client package with your video call service

If you'd rather clients pay upfront for your video call services, you can create a self-pay client package and get a sharing link. This link can be used to market your service on your website, in an email, in a message, and in many other ways. When a client clicks the package link, they'll be prompted to provide their information, credit card number, and can also select their appointment date and time. 

You'll receive a notification when your client purchases a package and books an appointment. Adjust your notifications here. 

Joining a scheduled video call session

Launching video call from the web browser:  

If you scheduled an appointment within Healthie, a blue banner will appear at the top of your screen, and your client's screen, 10 minutes before a session begins. Simply click on the launch banner, and both of you will be taken to your secure video call. 

Another way for you to enter a video call session is through the Calendar tab, clicking the details of the appointment and selecting "Click to Join". 

As a provider, you will be able to see the Private Notes on the right hand side of your video call screen. Clients will not see this screen, they will see their recent Video Calls with you (and, be able to message with you, in real-time, during a sesion). A forthcoming update will enable you as a provider to also view previous chart notes on a client. At this time, it is not possible to view an archive of previous notes within the side. 

Note: If you do not create the appointment within Healthie, the video call bar will not show. For example, even if you have your Google Calendar synced to Google, you need to create an appointment within Healthie, for the launch banner to appear. If you do not see the blue banner, try refreshing your screen. 

Launch video calls from the Healthie mobile app: 

To launch a call from the app, log in and click the calendar icon "Sessions" at the bottom of your screen. Find the appointment on your calendar. Tap the appointment, and you'll now see a blue link to "Start Video Chat." 

Another way both you and your client can enter a session is by selecting Video Chat listed in the hamburger icon (the 3 horizontal lines) on the top-left of the Healthie mobile app > tap VIDEO CHAT.

When you launch the call, it will display your video chat directly within the app. You'll be able to see your client, and they will be able to see you. You will not see the charting or chat ability while launching your call from the mobile app, these capabilities are only available when launching a video call from the web browser. 

Initiating a non-scheduled video call session 

Providers always have the ability to start a video call and invite a particular client, even if there were no previously scheduled appointments, as long as that client has a Healthie account. However, if you are trying to launch an already scheduled call, you must click the link in your calendar appointment or the blue reminder banner that displays. 

There are two ways for providers to initiate a video call: 

Option 1: From the General Clients Tab

  • Click the "Actions" button (the 3 dots) 
  • Select "Video Call" from the list 

Option 2: Within a client's profile, click the  video call button on their profile picture

Option 3: Launch a virtual call through chat > Click the video icon next to your client's profile picture 

Note: When you launch a non-scheduled call, it will automatically create an appointment with this client in your calendar at the time of the call launch. This is so you can keep track of your calls/sessions with clients, and ultimately collect payment if needed for a documented service. You can edit or delete the appointment within your calendar after the session as you need. 

Charting during a video call session

As a provider, during a video call session, you are able to see "Private Notes" (which is the same as Charting) during a video call session. Your client does not see these notes; rather, they see their video call with you. You are able to take notes with the same functionality as during an in-person session and select the charting template of your choice. For example, if you have "pre-fill" on, chart note will pre-fill for that client as expected.

Sometimes, you may want to view archived client chart notes. In this instance, we recommend opening up another tab/browser of Healthie (and, if you have two monitors, leveraging two monitors for this with the second tab on your other screen) and accessing your archive of chart notes on that second tab. An upcoming release that we are in the process of designing, will enable you to access archived video call notes on the same URL. 

Your client's video call experience 

When a client (or you) book a video call appointment, they will automatically receive a confirmation email as well as an email appointment reminder. Adjust your appointment reminders to clients here

With a Healthie video call session, clients do not need to download any additional apps or plugins. They can launch their video call from the web browser or mobile app, as long as they are logged into their Healthie Client Portal. 

For a Zoom call, your client will need to download the Zoom app prior to launching the call. You can let your client know this in advance, by sharing the Video Call FAQs client handout (listed below). 

Below you'll find some free client resources that you may want to leverage with your clients, to help introduce them both to Healthie and virtual sessions. 

Need more video call help? 

We’re here to help! Please e-mail us: if you have any account-specific questions we can assist with, and join our daily Live Webinars on Video Calls & Healthie. Live Classes are free and open to Healthie members.

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