Healthie Video Calls: Screen Sharing During a Call

Screen sharing through Healthie Video Call or through a Healthie Zoom call allows you (and your client) to share your computer screen so that the other person can see what you're viewing. Using screen sharing allows you to build on your video call session, allowing you to deliver the same quality of care as an in-person session. 

Please note: the screen sharing feature is only supported when both provider and client are using the web browser -- not from the Healthie app (unless the video call is established as a Zoom call). 


Benefits of screen sharing

Some ways you may want to utilize screen sharing: 

  • To review a document/handout with a client in real-time 
  • Give a presentation to a group of clients or webinar (ie. share a PowerPoint presentation) 
  • Have your client share their screen so they can walk through any documents, logs, or other information they would like to share in real-time 
  • Educate your client by having them share their screen and walk through a process together (ie. how to log a journal entry in Healthie) 

Screen sharing during Healthie Video call 

During a Healthie Video call, you'll see a menu bar at the bottom of your screen, below the video chat image. Screen sharing is only available when the video call is launched from a desktop computer (not on mobile). 

Click > Share Screen from the video call menu. 

A box will pop up asking you to share your entire screen/desktop or a single application window. Select the option you prefer, and click on the actual screen image you'd like to share > click the "Share" button. 

Tip: sharing a single application window will prevent you from accidentally sharing any other screens (ie. your Healthie account) during the screen share. 

To stop sharing your screen, click the same "Screen Share" button in the menu that will now read "Unshare." You'll also see a banner at the bottom of your screen with a blue "Stop Sharing" button, which you can click. This will immediately stop sharing your screen, and your client will be able to view you once again. 

Screen sharing during a Zoom call 

If you are using Healthie's integration with Zoom for your video call, please follow Zoom's instructions for screen sharing

Best practices during screen sharing 

One of the most important things to keep in mind while screen sharing, is to not accidentally share any private information. 

  • We recommend sharing a single application, as opposed to your entire desktop when possible. 
  • Do not screen share your Healthie provider account, as other client information will be visible. 
  • Minimize or close out any other applications that contain private/sensitive information prior to screen sharing to avoid your client accidentally viewing them. 
  • Before a client shares their screen with you, remind them to close out or minimize any sensitive information they do not wish you to view. 

Troubleshoot screen sharing 

If you are having trouble with your screen share, follow the steps below to make sure you have everything you need for a successful connection. 

1. Make sure both users are using Google Chrome. 

Screen share is not supported by other browsers or mobile/tablet devices at this time. 

2. Make sure microphone and camera permissions have been granted to Healthie. 

If you're using Zoom for this call, you can troubleshoot video and camera issues here

3. Try uninstalling the screen share extension from Chrome.

Navigate to the chrome extensions page

Settings icon in Chrome browser (three-dot icon) > More Tools > Extensions

From the Extensions page, you'll be able to search for and remove the "Healthie Screen Sharing" extension. Once removed, you can try reinstalling the extension and retest.

For Mac Users:

Mac computer users: If you are still having trouble with sharing your screen, you would need to enable screen permissions:

Open System Preferences".

 Select the "Security and Privacy" icon and then choose "Screen Recording" in the sidebar.

Under Privacy, select Google Chrome to allow access for screen sharing. If your computer is password-protected, select the lock option below in the box. 

A pop-up box will appear, select "Quit Now". You will not be able to screen share until you quit and restart Google Chrome.

Screen sharing FAQs

Can I share my screen from the Healthie mobile app? 

No. Screen sharing is only possible when logged into your Healthie provider account through the web browser. 

Can my client see the screen I share if they are on the mobile app? 

No. Clients will not see your screen if they have launched their video call from the Healthie mobile app. Screen sharing is only supported on mobile when video calls are set up as a Zoom call

Can my client see me while I'm screen sharing? 

No. Your image will disappear, and your client will only be able to view your screen until you stop the screen share. 

Can my client hear any audio I play when screensharing? 

Your client will only be able to hear your microphone when screensharing, they are not able to hear the audio from any audio files or video clips you play. If you'd like to share your audio as well, we recommend using a 3rd party tool to do so. 

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