Zoom: Waiting Rooms

Providers on Practice Plus plans and above can adjust Zoom video call settings from the settings page within their account. To do so, click on the Settings wheel in the upper right corner, and select "Settings." Under "Calendar," click on the Appointments tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

From here, you can turn Zoom waiting rooms ON or OFF. When enabled, clients will join a virtual waiting room prior to being able to join a call -- which will allow the host then to launch the session and admit the client(s) when ready. 

Learn more about Waiting Rooms here.

Note on admitting participants from waiting room:  

Recently, Zoom has released a security update that requires webinar hosts to "admit" all participants from a waiting room. While this feature was designed to prevent unwanted participants from joining calls, it also serves as an inconvenience, especially for those hosting large amounts of participants. As Healthie directly integrates with HIPAA-compliant Zoom, this feature automatically applied to webinars hosted by Healthie community members. 

Our team has released a solution that prioritizes safety while also preventing the manual admittance work required by hosts. In our latest update, all Zoom meeting details will now include a password, which is automatically included in the URL link. Healthie clients joining a webinar or group video chat session click the "Join" link and are automatically given secure admittance to the session. 

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