Sorting & Rearranging Client Packages

Healthie's built-in packages system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. 

As you add more Client Packages to your provider account, you may want to leverage some of our sort, search, and filter options to locate a package more easily. This is separate from editing, archiving, or deleting a package


Search by Package Name 

Find your package by using the search field, and start typing the package name (or a portion of the package name). 

Filter by Package Visibility 

When creating a package, you must choose whether to make your package visible or hidden from client-view. You can then sort your packages by either: 

  • All packages (on by default) 
  • Visible only
  • Hidden only 

Default Sorting Options

You can sort your packages according to: 

  • Set order: manually arrange your packages (see how below) 
  • Alphabetical 
  • Price - High to Low 
  • Price - Low to High 
  • Bestsellers: Healthie will automatically rank your packages according to the total number of past purchases. The packages with the highest number of total purchases will display first (at the top). This order will rearrange itself accordingly. 

For any packages that are "Visible to Clients," the order that they display within your provider account will be the order that they display for clients. You may want to take this into consideration when arranging your packages. 

Manually Rearrange Your Packages 

When you hover over a package, a "Move" icon will appear on the top-right corner. It may be difficult to see if you've used a darker image as the picture for your package. Click the icon, and drag your package into its new position. 

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