Youtube Video Uploads

Alternatively to hosting videos within Healthie, videos can be uploaded to an external video hosting site such as Youtube, Loom, or Vimeo. If you plan to add a video to a Healthie Program, please use one of these 3 hosting platforms only, as other hosting sites are not currently supported. 

Uploading a Video to Youtube to be Used in Healthie

We recommend that you follow Youtube's instructions on uploading a video. 

For your convenience, some basic information is provided below, in addition to steps for uploading a Youtube video to a Healthie Program module. 

Tap the video below for step-by-step instructions on uploading your video within Youtube, and obtaining your video sharing link to add to your Healthie program. 

Clients will be able to view these videos in-platform, and will not be re-directed to the video-hosting website

Note: Please make sure that you have videos indicated as "Unlisted" in your Youtube account, rather than public or private, to make sure that they are visible to clients who receive your link, without being publicly available to all who may search for your video's topic. 

Deep dive youtube

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