Storing & Hosting a Video

The Documents feature within Healthie enables providers to store and share educational resources, recipes, meal plans, and industry handouts. Healthie Documents replace the need for you to keep a local folder on a computer, and can acts as a "Google Drive" or "Dropbox" for you, as you build the repository of materials needed in your business. 

You can use your Documents library to host video recordings, either to be shared with clients, or added to a Healthie Program

Upload a Video to Healthie Documents 

There is a file size limit of 50mb, so this is recommended only if you have short videos that you like to share. We are in the process of exploring avenues to increase this storage limit, and will update this article when this becomes available. 

  • Navigate to "Documents" tab of your Healthie account
  • Select "Add Document" > Search for your file on your local device 
  • Upload your video (.mp4 file)

File and Format Restrictions

.mov files are not currently supported, so please convert your file to .mp4 prior to uploading into Documents

There is a limit to video size directly stored within Healthie's Documents of 50mb. If you elect not to host your videos externally, we recommend compressing your files:

Outside Video Hosting Options

Alternatively to hosting videos within Healthie, videos can be uploaded to an external video hosting site such as Youtube, Loom, or Vimeo. If you plan to add a video to a Healthie Program, please use one of these 3 hosting platforms only, as other hosting sites are not currently supported. 

You can find more information on each of these platforms here: 

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