Loom Video Uploads

Alternatively to hosting videos within Healthie, videos can be uploaded to an external video hosting site such as Youtube, Loom, or Vimeo. If you plan to add a video to a Healthie Program, please use one of these 3 hosting platforms only, as other hosting sites are not currently supported. 

Uploading a Video to Loom to be Used in Healthie

We recommend that you follow Loom's instructions on uploading a video. 

For your convenience, some basic information is provided below, in addition to steps for uploading a Loom video to a Healthie Program module. 

  • Navigate to Programs > Modules > Add Module 
  • Give your module a title (clients will see the title) and indicate on what day you want the video to become available to enrolled participants 
  • Select "Video" from the content type 
  • Paste the Loom URL link for the video 
  • Click "Add Module" 

Clients will be able to view these videos in-platform, and will not be re-directed to the video-hosting website

Note: When pulling the URL to add into Healthie, please make sure you are using the Embed URL, rather than the share URL, in order for a Loom video to appear in a Healthie Program module. 

For example, if your Loom URL is https://www.loom.com/share/12345, please replace the word "share" with "embed" to have it be https://www.loom.com/embed/12345

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