Best practices: Healthie Chat

Chat can enable you to provide new services to your clients and boost your client engagement and retention rates. It’s 100% HIPAA- and PIPEDA-compliant, so you and your clients can feel safe using it. Chat is a simple feature that can fundamentally change your practice. 

Here are five best practices to using Healthie Chat

1. Provide real-time Q&A

Clients reach the best health outcomes when they have sustained support and guidance. Give them that extra level of care. 

Encourage your clients to chat questions to you between sessions. That way they can follow your guidance with confidence. 

This also helps build a relationship that will increase client retention.   

Pro-tip: If the question is too complicated for a quick response, don’t feel obligated to answer on the spot. It’s perfectly fine to say you’ll follow up with an email, or discuss it during your next session. 

2. Offer concierge services 

Offering concierge services and packages can be a huge boon to your practice’s bottom line. Healthie’s chat and telehealth features allow you to do this efficiently.

Chat helps you work closely with your client and their doctor to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to wellness.

You can offer ongoing support while your client is home, or at their doctor's office. You can help clean out your client’s pantry, review specific products and brands, recommend any necessary supplements, as well as help your client grocery shop.

Augment your concierge services with our other telehealth features, like our video, photo, and education capabilities. 

For more information on those, check out the articles in our Virtual Appointments, Client Logging, and Education sections.  

3. Leverage "Group Chats"

Group counseling sessions have many benefits. 

They’re perfect for clients who prefer social settings, dislike the pressure of one-on-one attention, and thrive in supportive environments. They also allow a practitioner to see more clients. 

Keep the group conversation going beyond the sessions. 

By connecting the group via Group Chats, you can build a supportive community around your practice. Clients can provide encouragement to each other, and help keep each other on track.  

4. Send "Message Blasts"

Automating engagement with message blasts is a great way to drive client retention. 

Message blasts are one of the most effective ways for you to connect with customers, raise brand awareness, and increase purchasing intent. 

The specifics will vary on your brand and services, but here are some general ideas to start with.

  • Send words of encouragement.
  • Send special tips and tricks. 
  • Send special offers. 
  • Send updates about your practice.  
  • Send questions for feedback.

5. Send check-in messages

Send a check-in message to clients between sessions. 

Ask your clients what they’re proud of? What’s going well? Also, what are they having the most difficulties with? Where do they need more assistance? 

The feedback will allow you to give better care, while also driving client engagement and retention. It’s a simple way to build a better practice. 

Communicating with clients in-between sessions is important for a client's long-term success, as it can be used as a vehicle for accountability, relationship building, and informal. Additionally, it's essential for coordination and logistics. Healthie's chat capability replaces the need for many providers to give personal cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other communication tools. Additionally, chat is connected to the rest of a client's profile within the Healthie platform. 

6. Create a welcome Chat message 

Personalize your client's onboarding experience by enabling an automatic welcome message. This chat message will appear to clients when they first log into their Healthie platform, encouraging them to use Healthie Chat as a direct way to communicate with their provider. Add your own custom text to this message. Learn how

Want to learn more about Healthie's Chat feature, as well as other ways to engage with your wellness clients? Join our weekly recurring Live Class "Client Engagement on Healthie" where we walk through core client-engagement features and answer your questions live. Sign up here

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