Message Blast

Message Blasts allow you to send individual chat messages to multiple clients at once. Clients do not know that you are sending this message to multiple clients, and clients will not see each other's names, e-mail, and other personal information. 
To the clients it seems like a personalized message, meaning they don’t see you have sent the same message to other clients. Think of it as a "bcc" in an email thread.

How to Send a Message Blast

  • Chat > "Start Conversation" > Select at least 2 clients > Select "Message Blast"
    • In order to send a Message Blast to all of your active clients, click on the down toggle to the right of "Select All" and click "All My Active Clients." If required, you can de-select clients individually (manually) when your Active Clients have been mass selected.
  • Select your Conversation Type as "Message Blast" and click the blue "Message Blast" button
    • Clients will receive a notification that you have sent them a chat message. They do not know that this message was sent to other clients
    • Clients will be able to respond to the message, but will not be able to respond to other clients. If you'd like to create a conversation in which clients can engage with each other, create a Community Chat
    • Clients will not see the text of your message in the email notification that they receive, to preserve privacy and adhere to HIPAA guidelines. If you'd like to send an email to clients in which the text of the message is in the email, you will need to download a list of client names & emails
    • A message blast creates a NEW thread between you and your client. The message is NOT sent in an existing Chat thread that you may have open with a client. 
  • Once you add the desired clients to your chat and click "Message Blast," a new conversation appears. You must still type your message and hit "Send" in the conversation box to send a message blast.  

Use Cases for Message Blast

A message blast is a great way to announce you're going on a vacation, share an inspirational quote, communicate updates to your policies and procedures, or share updated billing information. Common uses of Message Blast include:
  • Offer a promotion, for a particular package, and send a message blast to clients letting them know. 
  • Notify clients of updates to your availability that may be different from your standard offerings.
  • Check-in on your clients (en masse) to see how they are doing, and if you can be helpful in providing them accountability in any way.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Once a provider sends a message blast, the message is added to a queue in the background. Sometimes if the queue is very full, there can be a delay in sending the scheduled messages. Messages are expected to successfully send in < 1 hour. 
  • Message blasts only send to active clients. They will not send to any clients that have been archived
  • Message blasts will also only be sent to clients who have chat enabled, so before you send a message blast, be sure all clients have the chat feature enabled so they can receive your blast. 
  • If you have sent a message blast but your clients have not received it within an hour, please reach out to for additional troubleshooting.

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