Adjust the Date/Time of a Client Payment

Healthie's built-in payment processing system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring needs, that can span services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. You are able to apply promotional codes and track the utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes. You fully customize the Packages and Services offered, including the frequency of recurring payments. 

Adjust the Date/Time of an Upcoming Payment

There may be a need to adjust the date that a payment will be processed for a client. This can be done from the Payments tab in Healthie. 

To change the payment date: 

  • Billing > Payments 
  • Locate the payment > Click [...] next to the payment 
  • Select Edit from the drop-down 
  • Adjust the payment date 

Along with the date of the payment, the time of the payment can also be adjusted. 

Charge Client for a Package on a Specific Date

If a new payment is being processed for a client, providers can select the date that they wish the payment to process within the details. 

More information can be found here: Schedule a Client Payment

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