Paying an Invoice for a Family Member

Healthie's platform makes it easy to work with families and children. In all likelihood, the parent or guardian is responsible for making payments on behalf of the child. If you've added a parent/guardian to a client's account as a contact, or you've linked their client accounts, the parent/guardian will receive notifications that there is an invoice to pay, but they will not be able to log into the minor's account to pay the invoice.

Send an Invoice to a Family Member to Pay Online

Follow these steps to request payment for an invoice by someone else besides the client (ie the parent). The recipient will be able to pay the invoice with their payment card and the provider will be notified of receipt of payment. 

Split Payments

In some cases, you may need to split a payment between multiple family members, such as in the case of working with a minor. As of right now, you cannot split a payment between two different Healthie accounts, but there are a few ways to workaround this:

  • Create a Healthie client account for the caregivers: You can store multiple cards on file, where you can charge one card for one payment and the other for the rest. Learn more about manually charging payment cards here
  • Send two invoices: If you don't have their cards on file, you can create one invoice for one caregiver and the another for the other person paying. 
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