Promo Codes

Promo codes enable you to offer discounts (or omit payment entirely) for services that you offer via Healthie. Promo codes are incredibly popular and effective tool for marketing services to prospective clients, encouraging clients to refer their family and friends to work with you, and offering additional services to your existing clients. 

You can offer promotional codes as both a % off (e.g., friendsandfamily - Receive 25% off) or a $ off (NewYears - Save $100), and within Healthie's promo code feature, you are able to customize the name and amount off of a package. Moreover, you can tailor a promo code to apply to some or all payments of a recurring package, and establish an expiration date in order to encourage time-sensitive sign ups for your services. 

Create a Promo Code

Navigate to Billing > Client Packages > More > Manage Promo Codes 

Or use this direct URL when logged into Healthie:

Complete required fields in setting up your Promo code, including:

  • Code name: e.g., THANKSGIVING
  • Type: Percent off, or a $ Amount
  • Value:  Percent off, or a $ Amount
  • Applies to: Select which client packages you want the promo code to be valid for 
  • Payments: Select whether the promo code applies as a one-time discount, or if it applies to every payment of a recurring package
  • Expiration date (optional): Indicate an expiration date of this promo code
  • Total usage limit (optional): Indicate the total number of times, across all clients, that this promotional code can be redeemed
  • Click Save

How a Promo Code Can be Redeemed

We recommend sharing promo codes available to clients on your website, on social media posts, in e-mail newsletters to clients, and directly with clients that are interested in your services.

If clients have a promo code that you have created, your client is prompted to enter this code when purchasing a package. This prompt exists whether they purchase a package from your website / externally, or within their Healthie portal.

When they enter a valid promo code, a discount will automatically be applied towards their payment amount, and they will be able to see the net amount that they will need to pay.

If you are charging a client directly for services, you can also apply a promotional code, on behalf of a client. When you Select a Package within Client Packages, press "Charge" and enter the Promo code. 

Note: You cannot retroactively add promo codes to a client's payment. Alternatively, you can refund the client, stop any recurring payments, and then have the client repurchase the package with the promo code.

Free Packages / 100% off Promo Codes

If you would like to give a package away for free, you are able to create a promo code for 100% off. In this instance, when a client applies this promotional code, they will not be asked to enter their card information to finalize booking of this service. 

If you would still like to keep a credit card on file for this client, we recommend adding the Billing Info form to your Intake Flow.

If you create and offer a Free Package (e.g., for a Free Consultation), then a client will NOT be prompted to add in a Promo code. 

Create a Promo Code for Specific Package(s)

Indicate which client packages qualify for each promo code in the promo code settings. By default, a promo code will apply to All Packages, but this can be adjusted.

Create a new promo code. 

In the "Applies to" field, select/deselect "All Packages" > When deselected, you can then search and add any packages that you wish to specifically add. The promo code will not be able to be applied to a package that does not qualify. 

You also have the option to indicate how many payments the promo code should apply for, if that package is a recurring subscription. 

From the Promo Codes overview page, you can hove over the Package Icon next to each promo code to see which packages the code is valid. 

Note: Deleting a promo code does not affect payments of users who used the promo code before it was deleted. 

FAQs: Promo Codes

What are some of the best ways to use the Promo Codes feature? 

Our providers use promo codes as a way to offer discounted services (e.g., friendsandfamily promotional code) and also track where referrals are coming from (e.g., placing a promo code on a business card or flyer)

Can I set a maximum number of redemptions for a promo code by a specific client? 

At this time, it is not possible to set a max for a specific client. This is a planned future update, and we will update this post, when this becomes available. Moreover, it is currently not possible to generate a code specific to a client. 

Can clients use multiple promo codes during a single purchase

No, clients are limited to using one promo code per purchase.  

If I make my package free, can I still collect a credit card on file for the client? 

When you use a promo code to make the package "FREE," your client will not be prompted to enter a credit card number. If you want to have a card on file, it's best to add the Billing Info form to your intake flow. Learn how here

Are there limitations to the length (number of characters) of a promo code?

While there is no limit on characters to promo codes, we recommend having promo codes be all lowercase or all uppercase, as clients will need to enter the code exactly as you've generated it, for it to go through. 

How do Promo Codes work for client packages that have recurring payments? 

When you apply a promo code for a package, the promo code will apply to all of the payments including in the package. So the discount will be applied to all 4 payments.

If there is only a one-time payment that you would like to be different - sometimes providers create a copy of the package, and then make the first payment lower (ie. the first payment is $0 and subsequent payments are $40). You can keep the visibility of this package as "hidden" from clients, so that only you can charge a client for this discounted package rate. Otherwise, clients will see your standard package/pricing.

  • You'll find more information on adjusting the billing details of a client package here
  • More information on package visibility here

Can Promo Codes be required (or restricted) for a specific client package? 

At this time, it is not possible to require a promo code to be entered to purchase a package, nor can we restrict who can use the promo code.

If you post your promo code on your website, for example, any contact will be able to use it when checking out. It may be best to share the promo code in an email, or verbally, with clients, to prevent the promo from public utilization. 

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