Testing E-Rx in Sandbox

As you're getting your account setup & managing testing in sandbox, your team may want the option to test Healthie's E-Prescribing feature. On our end, we are able to add your clinic to DoseSpot Staging (our integration partner for E-Rx) and enable E-Rx for your team member in Healthie Sandbox. Learn more about how E-Rx works in Healthie

How to Request DoseSpot Staging

Please complete this application to get started: Healthie E-Rx Staging Application

  • E-Rx cannot be enabled for team members that have not been added to Healthie. If you have not added your team members into your Healthie sandbox account, please add them before requesting E-Rx be enabled for their account (Add a Team Member)
  • Once received, Healthie's team will get your clinic setup on DoseSpot staging, and enable E-Rx for each requested member's account. This can take 1-2 business days. 
  • You'll receive an email to confirm when E-Rx on Staging is live to the point of contact indicated in your application form. 

When testing prescriptions in staging, please select the Shollenberger Pharmacy for testing purposes. 

Request E-Rx on Staging for More Team Members 

If you have already completed the E-Rx Staging Application, but not have more team members you'd like to have E-Rx enabled for, you can email hello@gethealthie.com with the following information: 

  • Your business name (as it appeared in your E-Rx Staging Application)
  • Team member(s) name(s)
  • Team member(s) email address associated with their Healthie sandbox account (you cannot enable E-Rx for a team member that is not added within Healthie) 

Once received, Healthie Support will add these additional team members to your clinic in Staging, and enable E-Rx for their Healthie account. 

E-Rx on Production 

Staging credentials do not carry over to Production for E-Rx. When your team is Live on Healthie, you can request that your clinic, and team members, get E-Rx access by filling out our E-Rx Application Form

If you are part of a larger (parent) organization that uses Healthie, please reach out to your organization admin to see if there is a specific E-Rx Application that should be used for your account. Using an organization-specific application allows us to streamline you E-Rx requests. 

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