Tracking metrics and adding custom metrics

Metrics within Healthie can be customized. 

This article contains information on how to customize metrics, enabling custom metrics for all clients and for specific clients, commonly tracked custom metrics, and other FAQs 

How to customize metrics [for all clients]

  1. Click the dropdown icon in the top right of your Healthie account
  2. Click on Entries
  3. Adjust your Entries' settings
  4. Click "Save Feature Settings" at bottom of page to enable changes. 

Note: By default, these settings will only apply for NEW clients. If you have existing clients, you will need to customize settings for each particular client (using instructions below). Please message Healthie support if you'd like us to retroactively apply entries settings for your existing clients.  

How to customize metrics for a PARTICULAR client

  1. Click on the Client's profile > Actions> "Settings" 
  2. Adjust a client's particular settings by checking / unchecking the metrics you'd like them to track

Commonly added metrics

  1. Sleep (hours)
  2. Stress levels (rated 1 - 10)
  3. Hydration (cups per day, est.)

Other Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add a custom metric? 

If you'd like to track something not included in Healthie by default, please add it as a custom metric. In the "Entries" screen, add a new row; providers will commonly add metrics like glucose, water intake, mood and stress levels (rated on a scale of 1-10). Be sure to enter your units of measurement within the title of the custom metric, so that all your clients are using the same scale! For example, 'How Many 8oz Glasses of Water,' 'How Do You Feel Today on a scale 1-10,' 'How Many Hours of Sleep Did You Get.'

Healthie also integrates with wearables like Fitbit and iHealth scales. If you have a specific wearable that you'd like Healthie to integrate with, let us know:

How do I track BMI / BMR? 

In the "Enable client to track metrics" section, please check the boxes for BMR and BMI graphs; accordingly these graphs will populate in your clients' accounts. It will require your clients to have a weight and height metric added for these to calculate and populate. 

How do I track metrics without making them visible to my clients? 

By default, metrics are visible to your client. It sometimes makes sense to keep metrics that you track on a client hidden from their profile. This is often used in treating eating disorders.

To disable a particular client from being able to track metrics, go to a client's profile, click on Actions --> Settings and uncheck "Enable Client to Track Metrics" 

What is the "Eating Disorder Default"? 

The "Eating Disorder Default" button turns off metrics tracking and taking "selfies" - it also adjusts the food-logging to ask for "pre-meal hunger" and "post-meal fullness" on a scale of 1-10. 

How do I add / edit a client's metrics?

To enter a new value, go to a particular client's profile --> metrics and enter the value you'd like to adjust for the appropriate metric in the dropdown. 

To edit an existing metric, you will go to the client's journal where all the individual metric entries have been recorded. You will find the entry you need to update, and then select "Edit" in the top right corner. From there, all the fields of the metric entry will be editable, for you to change the date captured or the value itself!