Eating Disorder Providers: Healthie Set Up Checklist

Healthie is used by Eating Disorder Dietitians and Clinics who seek to:

  • Build long-term relationships with their clients, incorporating principles of health and wellness into everyday lives
  • Track nutrition and wellness while providing a safe and supportive experience for sensitive clients
  • Incorporate principles of mindful & intuitive eating into care
  • Offer accountability and support tools and "be there" for clients in-between sessions in a virtual yet scalable way

Healthie makes it easy for dietitians that specialize in Eating Disorder clients to run their businesses and build close relationships with clients. Healthie has built-in customizations to tailor your clients' experience on Healthie. 

6 ways to configure Healthie for Eating Disorder Clients

Enable Eating Disorder Tracking Settings

Healthie enables you to customize the nutrition and wellness fields you'd like clients to log - spanning food, workouts, metrics, and more. Healthie also has an Eating Disorder Default Setting, that is based off of standard ED guidelines and recommendations; you can turn this on for all or some of your clients. 

About the Eating Disorder Default Settings

When you choose the "Eating Disorder Default" tracking option, clients are given the option to track the follow features:

Food Logging

  • Take pictures of food and comment
  • Pre-meal Hunger (Scale of 1-10) 
  • Post-meal Fullness (Scale of 1-10) 
  • Emotion Surrounding Meal 
  • Reflection on Meal

Selfies are hidden

  • ED clients are not prompted to take selfies

Metrics - Weight is hidden

  • ED clients are not prompted to track weight within Metrics
  • If you would like to still track weight internally, but not share it with your client, please check the box "Provider can view and track metric" but make sure the "Client can view and track metric" is NOT checked.

Nutrient Tracking - Features is disabled

  • ED clients will not have access to the macro/micronutrient tracking feature within Healthie

You are able to adjust these settings on a global, group, and per-client basis

  • If almost all of your work is with eating disorder clients, we recommend setting the Eating Disorder Default on a global level
  • If you work with a mix of client specialties, we recommend creating an "Eating Disorder" Group to tag clients and ensure they have Eating Disorder settings enabled; clients do not know or see what group they are in

Quick reactions (emojis)

  • By default, providers will be prompted to use the glasses (seen) quick reaction in response to a client's food journal entry (as opposed to thumbs up, celebrate, etc)
  • Clients will not see quick reactions by default unless utilized by the provider in response to a post 

Turn off the Ability for Clients to View Metrics you track for them

As part of setting up your Journal Settings, you have an option to have your client be able to view the metrics entries that you may make, on a clients behalf, or to turn this feature off entirely. Many Eating Disorder professionals elect to turn this off, such that you are able to keep track of metrics like weight, but clients do not see these entries or the numbers. You can set that up here.  

Customize Your Welcome Email 

We recommend customizing your Welcome E-mai to ensure that text does not make reference to logging metrics and taking selfies within the platform. 

Customize Intake Forms and Charting Templates

Healthie allows you to build intake forms and charting templates that help you gather the information necessary to treat clients with eating disorders, and take private notes on clients. 

We recommend reviewing the default forms available in Healthie, and editing these forms to ensure that they will work within your type of care. For example, ensure that weight-related questions are not asked on your intake forms. 

If you would like assistance with ED-specific forms, or would like our team to assist you with building out your business's forms, please e-mail us: 

Enable photo-based food logging

Healthie's picture-based food logging lets you help your clients, without an emphasis on numbers, calories, and grams of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This can help you support your clients as they rebuild their relationship with food. 

Nutrient Tracking capabilities

Our nutrient tracking is an optional feature that you can enable or disable for your clients. 

At this time, if you have this feature turned on, clients will see calories, so we recommend thinking through whether it makes sense to enable / disable this feature. 

Create Subscription Client Packages For Long-Term Care

Clients with eating disorders require long-term support; we recommend creating Packages that allow you to bundle appointments or create monthly subscription services. These options help you best help your clients by encouraging an upfront commitment for longer-term care. 

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