Create a free appointment and package

Are you looking to offer a free consultation for prospective clients? 

Wanting to make sure that they do NOT need an existing account with Healthie in order to sign up to start working with you, to minimize the steps required for them to be introduced to you / book a free appointment?

This article contains instructions on how to build and create a free package / session, for an introductory client to book an introductory session with you.

This is commonly used in the following instances:

  • Free consultation
  • Complimentary phone call 
  • Overview of services

Click here for Healthie's blog post on the pros and cons of offering a free consultation. 

Instructions on building a client package / free consultation within Healthie

Part 1: Create a client package

  • Create a Client Package called "Initial Appointment" or "Discovery call" 
  • Put a cost of $0.00. 
  • Include 1 appointment type (E.g., 1 Initial appointment) 

Part 2: Share this package

  • Pull the link to share this package on your website, a blog post, or on social media. 
  • Click on the blue icon (shown below)
  • Select copy next to "Clients can buy a package and book an appointment without an existing account"  

Part 3: Receive notification when a client books a discovery call.

Both you and your client will receive an automated e-mail from Healthie when they have booked a session (and enrolled in your free package) from your website. A new client will automatically be added to your Healthie profile. 

Note: If an existing client tries to book a consultation (e.g., they are already in your account), Healthie will detect this, and avoid creating a duplicate client account. 

Part 4: Client receives an e-mail with a notification of their session with you. 

Your client will receive an e-mail letting them know that they have been enrolled in your package. As per usual, they will be asked to log into Healthie, and complete any intake forms that you have prepared for them to complete (e.g., same intake process as though they had purchased a package).