Video Calls: Setting up camera & mic access

Healthie's built-in, HIPAA-compliant video call (telehealth) platform is accessible from a computer, tablet, and mobile device. In order to successfully join a session, you will need to make sure that your camera and/or microphone can be accessed by the platform. 


Setting up video call access from a computer

Step 1: Ensure Browser Compatibility

Healthie's video chat is accessible from computers on  Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. Safari's next version will support HIPAA-compliant video chat, but for now, please switch to a supported browser. 

Step 2: Test your video chat

Within your Healthie account, select  Settings (Profile picture on top right corner) > Personal Account > Test Video Chat - this will check to ensure your microphone and camera are enabled.

Clients can also test video chat on their end, by going to Settings --> Test Video Chat

Step 3: Ensure you have given Healthie microphone and camera access 

In your browser bar, on the right of, you will see a camera icon. Click this icon to see your current settings. 

If you have allowed access to your camera and microphone and are still having issues, please refresh your browser.  This generally means that your microphone is not connecting to your browser (or, that the wrong microphone input is selected).

Step 4: Set up Share Screen Access

When you are in a video chat room, select "Set up Screenshare" - currently, this capability is only available within Google Chrome. You may need to add an extension.

Setting up video call access from a mobile device

Please download the Healthie iOS or Android app. If you have the app downloaded, please make sure you are using the latest version. 

Special instructions for Android: Here are instructions to check your app permission on your Android so you can ensure that the Healthie app has access to your microphone.

Video call action bar

  • Share screen: Clicking this button will make your screen visible to the client**. To stop sharing your screen, click the button again. Note: requires a plug-in to be installed (you will be prompted for this) and requires a client to be on desktop/laptop device. 
  • Full Screen: Clicking this button will enter you into fullscreen mode. The side menus will no longer be visible. To exit full-screen mode, click to the button again.
  • Mute: Clicking this button will mute YOU, meaning the client won't be able to hear you. To unmute yourself, click the button again.
  • Camera off: Clicking this button will disable your camera, meaning the client will no longer be able to see you. To turn your camera back on, click the button again.
  • X button: Clicking this button exits you completely from the chat room, you will not be able to hear or see your client and vice-versa. To re-enter the chat room, click the button again.   

Common scenarios

  • You can see and hear your client, and they can see you, but cannot hear you: PLEASE ENABLE YOUR MICROPHONE. We recommend, as a first action, is restarting your browser, as your computer may re-detect / prompt you to set up microphone access. As a second action, please make sure that you have an active microphone attached to your computer. 
  • You cannot see your client, even though they can see you: YOUR CLIENT'S CAMERA IS NOT CONNECTED. Please instruct them to refresh their browser and ensure they have given their camera access. 
  • You cannot hear your client: YOUR CLIENT'S MICROPHONE IS NOT CONNECTED.  Please instruct them to refresh their browser / restart their computer, and ensure they have given their microphone access. If using Zoom, they also have camera/mic tests.
  • Your client has two cameras: In this instance, please have the client click the camera icon on the top right of the URL bar and select "front-facing camera"

If you're still having issues with your camera or audio during a Healthie video call, visit this troubleshooting guide or email us

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