Zoom and Healthie

Healthie's integration with with Zoom enables providers to conduct HIPAA-compliant group video chats, host webinars, and record sessions. With this direct integration, you (and your clients) will not need to have you own personal Zoom account, and there is no linking of accounts required.

Zoom via Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that enables group video conferences, allows providers to host webinars, and record sessions for future use. This integration is automatically accessible for members on Healthie's Practice Plus plan or above. Your Healthie membership comes the HIPAA-compliant level of Zoom subscription, which is a level distinct from Zoom's out of the box consumer platform. Healthie has signed a BAA with Zoom, and there are additional levels of encryption that are applied using Zoom via Healthie. 

Here are additional resources in using Zoom via Healthie:

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