Group Video Chats And Webinars: Zoom Integration with Healthie

The platform's integration with with Zoom enables providers to conduct HIPAA-compliant group video chats, host webinars, and record sessions.

Zoom is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that enables group video conferences (up to 50 participants), allows providers to host webinars, and record sessions for future use. This integration is automatically accessible for members on Healthie's Practice Plus plan or above. 

Here is a guide to setting up a Zoom appointment, and best practices: 

Setting Up A Zoom Video Chat

Step 1: Create A Group Appointment in your Calendar

To create webinars, you need to create a group appointment for the webinar in your  calendar appointment types. You may choose to call it "Free Webinar."

Step 2: Schedule Group Appointment On Your Calendar

Click on the date and time you wish to schedule your Free Webinar. An appointment window will pop up. Be sure to select Group appointment at the top.

Be sure to set the "Maximum Number of Attendees" to 50, which is the limit for the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom that is built in to the Healthie platform. 

Under "Appointment Type," select the "Free Webinar" appointment type that you just created. 

Last, under "Contact Type," select Healthie Telehealth.

Then click "Create." Your webinar will now appear on your calendar. 

Step 3: View link generated for Zoom appointment

To view the details of the webinar you just created, click on the webinar scheduled. You will see "Your Video Link" to click to start your webinar. The "Client Video Link" is a link you can share directly with your clients to access the webinar.
In the event you are using group webinars as a marketing feature, as many do, you should note that a participant can join a Zoom link regardless of whether or not they are a Healthie client.

Step 4: Create A Package

Finally, you'll  create a package for the webinar. 

If you are offering your webinar  free, list the package price as $0.00. 

Step 5: Promote Your Webinar

Once you create a package for your free webinar, you can promote it by using the 2nd share link (so clients can 'buy' and book). Add this modifier to the end of the URL: "&is_group=true"

Hosting Your Group Video Chat / Webinar

Download the Zoom App (Computer or Mobile) 

When clicking on the Zoom link that you've generated above, you'll be prompted to download the Zoom App. Follow these instructions to ensure that the software is downloaded appropriately on your computer.

Record Your Webinar

If you conduct a video chat, group session, or webinar through Zoom, you are able to record it for future access. To access these recordings, follow  these instructions provided by Zoom. 

The recording will save locally on your computer, commonly in a folder called "Zoom" -- please find this folder in order to access your recording. The recording will continue until you press "Stop" - additionally, when you exit the Zoom room, you will be asked to 'End the session". 

Troubleshooting with Zoom

Here is a link to the  Zoom Troubleshooting Guide if you are having issues setting this up.