Zoom: Recording & additional features

Zoom comes with several features and capabilities designed to create engaging video calls and webinars. Some of these features are automatically included within Healthie's direct integration with Zoom, others (like Zoom Waiting Rooms) you can enable for your account, while other features can be activated specifically for your account upon request. Healthie's Zoom integration is HIPAA-compliant and available to all members on Practice Plus plans and above.

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Record a session or webinar via Zoom

If you would like to record a session via Zoom, please follow these steps to record your webinar. 

  • When you set your session to record, when you are completed with the session, the recording will download as an mp4 file onto your computer. You may see three versions of the file appear, including an audio only, video only, and combined audio plus video file, so please make sure to save the correct version of the recording that you'd like to use. 
  • This file can then be uploaded into Youtube or Vimeo, upload to your generic Documents platform, uploaded within a client's record and even added to a Program

NOTE: Recording cannot be done from the Zoom mobile app. This is a limitation of Zoom's current capabilities.

If you do not have a session scheduled and would like to record a webinar via Zoom, for example, if you'd like to record a presentation you have created, create an appointment with yourself, which will generate a Zoom link for your use. 

Your Zoom session will be stored locally on your computer. Please refer to Zoom's Support Guide for details on where you can access your file. Note: Zoom's cloud recording option is not HIPAA-compliant, so they disable it on HIPAA-compliant accounts, leaving just the local recording option.

Storing PHI locally increases compliance requirements (i.e you need to ensure your hard drive is encrypted, computer is password protected, etc), but can be done in a fully compliant manner. Zoom does not offer alternative options for recording.

Access Local Zoom Recording

Zoom saves its recordings in a local folder on your device; however, depending on the device used, the location may vary. Based on Zoom's support resources, recordings should be discoverable in the following locations for each device:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Zoom
  • Mac: /Users/[Username]/Documents/Zoom
  • Linux: home/[Username]/Documents/Zoom

More information about this can be found here: Finding and viewing local recordings

Screen share during your session or webinar

Through both Healthie's internal video call feature, and Zoom calls, you are able to share your screen. This allows for more engaging and effective video call sessions with clients. When giving a webinar, you are also able to share your screen to display a powerpoint presentation. 

To learn how to share your screen while on a Zoom call, please refer to this help article

Have a video call with someone outside of Healthie

There may be instances in which you want to create a Zoom meeting link to meet with someone who is not in your Healthie account (and therefore, do not want them to receive your client welcome flow). Instances may include:

  • You want to host a webinar for prospective leads who are not in your Healthie client list
  • You want to host an external meeting with professional stakeholders 
  • You need to video chat with another wellness provider on your client's care team 

To do this, create a group Zoom appointment and give your meeting attendees the client link associated with the appointment. Members of this webinar do NOT need to have a Healthie Login to access this Zoom session. 

Please make sure you give your clients the "Client" link to join Zoom, NOT your Host Link. 

Turn on additional Zoom features 

By default, only certain Zoom features are available to Healthie members via our direct integration with Zoom. However, there are several capabilities of Zoom that can be turned on for your account, including: 

Features that cannot currently be enabled via Zoom's API:

Note: We will update this list if Zoom's API makes these features available. If you are interested in accessing these features, we recommend signing up for a separate Zoom account, directly with Zoom. 

To request a feature be turned on for your account, simply email hello@gethealthie.com. Our support team will activate your requested feature and confirm when it is enabled. If you are part of an Organization, please let us know if you would like us to enable these features for all of your providers, or just some of them.

At this time, it is not possible to directly log into a Zoom account if you use HIPAA-compliant Zoom via Healthie. This is because Zoom's API does not make a login option available.  

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