Receiving an E-fax through Healthie

Healthie's E-fax platform enables you to receive files and referrals from other healthcare organizations. This is commonly used for receiving chart notes, client health information, lab reports, and other important health information that requires HIPAA-level protection during the transmission process. 

With Healthie's E-fax platform, you are given your own, unique E-fax phone number that can be shared with other providers & organizations. You do not need a physical fax machine to receive E-faxes through the platform, and you can receive E-faxes directly into your Healthie portal. 

If you do not have a Fax number, here is how to Request your E-Fax line


Receiving an E-fax through Healthie

  • Navigate to Faxing on your Healthie Dashboard
  • You will see E-faxes that you have received, in order of the date received, with details about the senders' contact information
  • You can also adjust your notifications preferences to receive an e-mail when you receive an E-fax. If you are part of an Organization, your organization administrator may need to adjust permissions settings.

Adding an E-fax you have received to a client's record

  • When you receive an E-fax, you will be able to move the document to a specific client's record. We recommend filing E-faxes into Client Private Documents in order to keep your E-faxes organized, and your main inbox clear. 
  • Navigate to Fax > Actions [...] > Move to > Select Client
  • Clients do not receive a notification when you add an E-fax to their client record. They would be notified only if you share a document with them, and they have document notification settings enabled.

Adding a Referring Provider from an E-Fax you have received

If you have received an E-fax from a new referring provider, and you'd like to add this to your Referring Providers Directory, you can Navigate to Actions [...] > Add to Referring Providers. You will then be prompted to add in any additional information you may have about the Referring Provider, before saving this into your directory. 

If an E-fax has been added to a Client's Profile, then the referring provider associated with that E-fax will automatically be added to your Central Directory of Referring Providers, as well as associated with that particular client. 

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