E-faxing: Troubleshooting Guide

Error message: No Faxtone - What does this mean? 

No faxtone is an issue on the other end.
It means the recipient number did not respond with a fax tone to process the fax.
This can happen if the number is not a fax machine (for example if you try to send a fax to a phone number), or possibly if the number does not pick up at all (so not valid)

I have tried to send a fax multiple times, but it is not going through. What should I do? 

The receiving fax line is likely busy. Please re-try sending this fax in a few minutes. You will get an e-mail if the document fails to send. At this time, the Healthie system does not automatically "re-try" sending faxes during a period of busy time, so you will need to re-start this process.  

When I click on "View Fax" I only see the cover sheet. Was my entire fax sent? 

Yes, your entire fax was sent. The platform's preview only shows the cover sheet. 

Is there a limit to how many documents I can fax at once? 

No, there is no limit to the number of documents that can be faxed at a time. Just check / select the boxes you'd like to include in your fax note. 

How do providers dial a fax line?

Please have providers dial "1" before the area code. E.g., 1-833-xxx-xxxx to ensure that faxes go through.  

I would like to E-fax an Intake Form. How can I do this? 

Healthie currently supports sending charting notes and documents. If you'd like to E-Fax an intake form, please convert it to a charting template, and you'll then be able to E-fax this document.