E-faxing: Troubleshooting Guide

This guide runs through the most common reasons for failed / pending E-faxes


What format should I enter for a fax number?

The recommend format for entering a Fax Number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx, though you can use "-" instead of (). 

I am seeing the error message "No Faxtone" - What does this mean? 

This means that there is an issue with the recipient number, and they did not respond with an available fax tone, in order to fulfill your request. 
This can happen if the number you have entered is not a fax machine (for example if you try to send a fax to a phone number), or possibly if the number is not active / valid. 

I am seeing the error message "Remote fax" - What does this mean? 

This means that a connection was established with the remote fax, but during the transmission of the fax the remote fax disconnected the call. The primary cause for this is generally a poor connection to the destination fax machine. 
We recommend re-trying to send this fax. If fax continues to fail, please reach out to the recipient and confirm that their fax line is enabled and active. 

I am seeing the error message "Optional Content PDF files aren't supported and their pages cannot be safely extracted" - What does this mean?

The PDF file you are trying to fax has layers/graphics incorporated that prevents the file from securely being uploaded & sent.These digital content layers are not compatible with a faxable format, which is why you are receiving the error. 
In this instance, please convert your PDF into a different format to fax this document, in order to "flatten" these layers. Here are two free tools to help you with this:

I have tried to send a fax multiple times, but it is not going through. What should I do? 

The receiving fax line is likely busy. Please re-try sending this fax in a few minutes. You can press "Resend" next to the fax. 

You will get an e-mail if the document fails to send. At this point, when you receive this e-mail, the system has stopped trying to re-send the fax, so you will need to re-start the Sending an E-fax process

When I click on "View Fax" I only see the cover sheet. Was my entire fax sent? 

Yes, your entire fax was sent. The preview only shows the cover sheet. 

Is there a limit to how many documents / sheets I can fax at once? 

There is no limit to the number of documents that can be faxed at once. 

How do providers sending me an E-fax format their fax number for me?

Please have providers dial "1" before the area code. For example, 1-833-xxx-xxxx.   

I would like to E-fax an Intake Form. How can I do this? 

Healthie supports E-faxing of charting notes and documents. If you'd like to E-Fax an intake form, you will need to download the form as a PDF, and then upload it as a Private Document, to E-fax the form.

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