Reply-to Email Address for Notifications

Your clients may occasionally reply to automated emails that Healthie sends on your behalf about appointment confirmations, intake form completions, payment requests, and resources you have shared. These notifications are sent from 

Healthie automatically sets up a "reply-to" address on your behalf (Note: this is different from the listed "sender" address on the email), to ensure that you don't miss communication from your clients. The email address used for these reply-to emails is the email address you use to sign in to your Healthie account.  

Occasionally, your client may accidentally send an e-mail to This would be because they chose to e-mail (e.g., copied and pasted the e-mail address) as opposed to replying to the e-mail (which would go to your e-mail address). If clients e-mail, an automated response is sent that guides them with instructions on how they can message you via Chat

Notes for Enterprise Accounts:

  • We are able to change the email that notifications are sent *from* (e.g., they will be sent from your email domain, not 
  • You can set up a generic reply-to email address for your entire organization. This is useful, for example, if one individual, or email address, manages administrative communications with clients, and you'd like to centralize this communication workflow.
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