Reply-to E-mail address for notifications

Your clients may occasionally reply to automated e-mails that Healthie sends on your behalf about appointment confirmations, intake form completions, payment requests, and resources you have shared. These notifications are sent from 

Healthie automatically sets up a "reply-to" address on your behalf, to ensure that you don't miss communication from your clients. 

The e-mail address used for these reply-to e-mails is the e-mail address you use to sign into your Healthie account. 

Notes for group practices & organization accounts:

  • We are able to change the e-mail that notifications are sent *from* (e.g., they will be sent from your e-mail domain, not 
  • You can set up a generic reply-to e-mail address for your entire organization. This is useful, for example, if one individual, or e-mail address, manages administrative communications with clients, and you'd like to centralize this communication workflow.

To learn more about these special workflow requirements, e-mail us (