Chat Autoresponder / Out of Office

There may be times in which you'd like clients to receive an automatic Chat message from you. Instances may include:

  • You're going on vacation / will be out of office and unable to respond to chat messages
  • You'd like clients to know that they should expect a delay of 24-48 hours (or a time of your choosing) before a response will be sent
  • You'd like clients to know that your office has received their message and will be in touch. 


Enable Chat Autoresponder

Navigate to "Settings" (within the gear icon at the top right of your Healthie platform)

  • Press "Edit" and turn "On" Auto Responder
  • Edit the message you'd like your clients to receive 

If you prefer, there is an additional setting to receive "Chat Notifications" while Chat Autoresponder is on. This will allow you to still stay informed of the messages you receive. However, if you prefer, you can turn this setting "OFF." 

Alternatively, you can also go directly to your chat inbox: 

  • Click the "Chat Settings" link towards the bottom of the chatbox, below your list of conversations

Sample auto-responses

  • "Hi! I have received your message, and will respond within 24-48 hours. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please check out my website [website link] - I look forward to answering your questions!"
  • I am on vacation, and unable to view this message until I return, on [Date]. Thank you for your patience. 

Disable Chat Autoresponder 

Your clients will continue to see your autoresponder message until you disable the chat autoresponder. You can do so by going back into your chat settings and toggling the autoresponder button to "OFF."

Chat Autoresponder Notes

  • When your Auto Responder is turned on, you will not receive any email or push notifications about new chat messages. You will, however, see these within your "Notifications" bell within Healthie. 
  • Each client will receive a maximum of 1 auto-response in 24 hours, even if he/she sends you multiple Chat messages
  • Auto Responder will be enabled until you turn it off by going back into your Chat Settings
  • If there are multiple members in your organization, Chat Auto Responder must be set by each member of the organization who wishes to use it, and it applies only to messages sent to each particular member of the organization.

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