FAQs: Healthie Chat

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Healthie Chat. 


Can I send a message to a patient before they join Healthie? 

Your client will receive an email notification that you have sent them a message but will have to accept the Healthie invite to work with you before they will be able to view the message. Essentially, your client needs to create a password and enter their Client Healthie Portal before they can read any messages. 

Is it possible to disable Chat for a particular client? 

Yes, you can prevent a client from being able to message you directly, and/or from participating in a group conversation. Learn how to disable chat here

Can I turn off notifications for Chats? 

If you would rather not receive an email notification from Healthie when you've received a new individual or group chat message, you can adjust these settings. Learn how in our Chat overview article here

How can I delete a Chat conversation?

Yes! From a web browser, open a chat conversation, hover over a sent message, you'll see a small trash icon appear. Click the icon. From the provider perspective, you'll see a confirmation that the message has been deleted. Your client will not see this message. If you wish to delete an entire thread, we suggest that you archive the thread. Clients cannot delete a chat message. 

Can I delete an image from a Chat conversation? 

At this time, you cannot delete an image or any other portion of a Chat conversation with a client. You can, however, archive a conversation that you no longer wish to see in your Chat inbox. Learn how to archive a conversation here

Can I export chat messages to a client's chart record?

At this time, you cannot directly export chat messages to your client's chart record. Some providers will copy and paste messages into their Chart Note for official records. We will update this FAQ when this ability becomes available. 

Can I format a hyperlink in Chat? 

Yes, a formatted hyperlink can be utilized within a chat conversation when using the web platform. At this time, it is not possible to insert a formatted hyperlink from the mobile app. 

A formatted hyperlink is when you can select text and link that selected text to a URL. 

  • Formatted hyperlink example: Sign Up for a Live Class today. 
  • Non-formatted hyperlink example: Sign up for a Live Class today > https://calendly.com/healthie-success

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If you have more questions about Chat, we suggest joining our Healthie Live Class "Client Engagement on Healthie." In this walk-through tutorial, our team shows you how to connect with your clients via Healthie, and answers your questions live. Sign up

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