Disable Chat

There may be instances in which you'd like to Disable Chat for all, some, or specific clients, examples of which could include:

  • You'd like this to be a part of a concierge program available to select clients
  • You'd like to reserve communication with clients for during a session, not in between
  • You have a client that is abusing your standard communication policies


How to disable chat for a client

You can adjust chat settings within Healthie within the "Journal Entries" settings. These settings can be adjusted on the global, group, or individual client level. 

To turn chat off for an individual client, you can navigate to their client profile:

  • Select "Actions" from their profile menu 
  • Click "Settings" 
  • Scroll down until you reach the "Chat" settings 
  • Uncheck the boxes for the chat settings that you'd like to disable (see the section below) 
  • Hit "Save"

Want to change the chat settings for all of your clients or a group of clients? 

Learn more about adjusting your settings here

Different settings to disable chat

There are two setting features related to disabling chat: 

Allow direct messaging: if unchecked, client will retain access to previous one-on-one conversations, but client will not be able to send any new one-one-one conversations. 

Allow Community Chat participation: if unchecked, client will retain access to any previous Community Chat conversations, but the client will not be able to send new messages in the Community Chat conversation. 

When chat is disabled for a client, this is the message that they will see within the chat area: 

Note: when chat is disabled for your client, they will not receive any message blasts that you send. Before sending the message, you will see a notification that that "Chat is unavailable for [client name]" or the client's name will be gray/crossed-out. If you want to reactivate chat for the client, you can go back into their client settings and update the chat preferences. 

How to enable chat for a client

To turn chat back on for your client, simply go back to their client profile settings, and re-check the chat settings that you would like to enable.

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