FAQs: Healthie Metrics

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Healthie Metrics. 

How do I track BMI and BMR? 

In the "Enable client to track metrics" section, please check the boxes for BMR and BMI graphs; accordingly these graphs will populate in your clients' accounts. It will require your clients to have a weight and height metric added for these to calculate and populate. 

What is the best way to track blood pressure?

  • Incorporate Blood Pressure as a field within your Chart Note: 
    • Within Forms > Form Builder > Form, Select "Charting" from the Question Bank, and you will see a "Blood Pressure" field. This, within a Chart Note, will allow you to enter Systolic & Diastolic BP
  • Add Blood Pressure as a Metrics. Toggle "Blood Pressure" in your Journal Entries Settings
  • Pull client information in automatically via Smart devices and wearables: 
    • You can recommend that your clients use connected wearables to pull in blood pressure metrics automatically. For example, have your client Sync with Apple Health to pull this number in automatically. 
    • Healthie connects with ClearStep / Shapa products to pull blood pressure automatically.

How do I track metrics in a charting note?

When filling out a charting note on a particular client, you are able to enter metrics/custom metrics that will populate over into a graph. 

To get this started, first, add the specific metrics to your charting note by going into Forms >> Form Builder >>Charting forms. 

In your Form Builder, you will see Question Bank "Default". Change the category to Client Info, where you should see some of the metrics listed. Simply click and drag over the metric boxes into your Charting note. Your charting template will be updated, where when you fill out the metrics section in your charting template it will automatically populate onto a graph. 

What is "Eating Disorder Default"? 

The "Eating Disorder Default" button turns off metrics tracking and taking "selfies" - it also adjusts the food-logging to ask for "pre-meal hunger" and "post-meal fullness" on a scale of 1-10. 

Does Healthie integrate with any wearable trackers or smart scales? 

Healthie also integrates with wearables like Fitbit and iHealth scales. If you have a specific wearable that you'd like Healthie to integrate with, let us know: hello@gethealthie.com

If you cannot find the answer to your questions below, or by browsing our other help articles on Healthie Metrics, email us hello@gethealthie.com for support. 

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