FAQs: Quest Diagnostics Labs for Client Packages

Healthie's integration with Lab Testing API enables providers to recommend & sell lab order electronically directly through the Healthie platform for Quest Diagnostics labs. 

Healthie members on our Practice Plus plan and above can utilize e-Labs at no additional cost.

Note: Healthie offers a separate integration with Evexia for LabCorp and Specialty labs. Learn more here

Can we connect our own Quest Diagnostics E-Labs account in our Healthie account instead?  

With Healthie's Quest Diagnostics integration, you cannot connect your own (personal) Quest Diagnostics account at this time.

As you need to create a package in order to order labs from Quest, is there a way that I can order labs without being required to create a package?

You won't be able to request a lab through Quest without creating a package. That said, you can create custom packages that have different lab options. Additionally, Healthie has other lab ordering options that might be a better fit for you. 

You can learn more here: Getting Started: Labs and Healthie

Who can order labs through Healthie's E-labs feature?

Qualified health care practitioners residing in the United States (except for AZ, NY, NJ, RI, or Puerto Rico). This feature comes with a physician's order, so you do not need to be a physician in order to leverage this feature. If you are a physician that currently offers labs in your business, you can indeed use Healthie's E-labs. 

For practitioners residing in AZ, NY, NJ, RI, or Puerto Rico, lab ordering is not supported as these states have legislation against 3rd party billing. If there are updates to the legislation, we will notify our community members. 

We have been notified that the lab testing workflow for our orders from the state of Arizona will change. Because of that change, we will not be able to offer our testing services in the state of Arizona beginning October 1st, 2022.

However, providers residing in those states may order labs for any clients getting tested in any state other than AZ, NY, NJ, RI, or Puerto Rico. When the customer pays for the lab work they are asked to provide their details for the lab order, which includes an address. As long as that address is not in New York, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, or New Jersey, the customer can use the E-lab services. 

Where are lab orders processed? 

Healthie's e-Lab feature is in partnership with Quest Diagnostics. Clients will set up an appointment at a nearby Quest Lab site in order to have their blood drawn. The lab order is sent directly from Healthie to Quest labs, so clients do not need to bring any paperwork with them to their appointment other than a valid photo id. 

Client participants will be responsible for getting their specimen collected at the Quest Diagnostics location. They can present their lab order at any Quest Diagnostics location in the USA. The lab order is valid for 6 months from the date the lab order was gene rated. If they still wish to visit the lab after 6 months a renewal fee will be invoiced for $15 to acquire a new lab order plus any adjustments if the price of the test has increased in the past 6 months.

Lab orders will be generated within 3-4 hours. Lab order results are available within 30 days.

Who reviews the lab orders?

Through the physician network that Healthie contracts with, the physician that signs off on the lab order will also receive the results and indicate any abnormal values. The requisition form is then made available to both the client and healthcare provider within the Healthie's e-Labs tab. 

Can I bypass the physician review process for lab orders?

The Physician Services are part of the terms of agreement for using Quest Diagnostic services via Lab Testing API. We are unable to remove those requirements, even for licensed Nurse Practitioners, doctors, or other licensed providers.

Healthie's integration with Evexia to order LabCorp and some specialty labs is a separate integration. Evexia does allow licensed providers to bypass the physician review when placing a lab order. Learn more here

How do I find my Labs tab within Healthie?

In order for the E-labs tab to appear within your Healthie provider account, you will first need to create a package that contains a lab order. Learn how to create your package and add a lab here. Once the package is created, "Labs" will appear in your main Healthie menu. You'll also receive notifications when a client purchases a package (ensure your notifications settings are turned on) and will be notified when your client's lab order is available. 

What are the fees associated with Quest Diagnostics E-Lab ordering?

Healthie members on our Practice Plus plan and above can utilize e-Labs at no additional cost. We feature over 300 different lab orders. The rate and fees per each lab vary, and are automatically displayed as a base-fee when you create a package containing a lab order. 

To view the fee for a lab order: 

  • Navigate to Billing > Client Packages > Create Package
  • From the Included Items section > Select the Lab(s) from the Drop Down
  • The minimum rate for the lab(s) will display

Providers can set the package cost at any rate they desire, as long as it covers the basic fee for the lab order and Stripe processing. A package containing lab orders can be marked up for-profit, or include other services that can be charged at that time (ie. a follow-up consultation to discuss lab results). 

Once a package containing a lab order is purchases by a client, the lab order rate/fee is not refundable. 

Note: when creating a subscription (recurring) package that includes labs, the lab order needs to be paid for in the FIRST payment. The system will not allow you to set the first payment at a rate lower than what the cost of the labs are. The labs will not renew for each subsequent payment. Labs will be ordered only one time. If you'd like to reorder lab work for a client, please have them purchase the package again.  

Can I help a client refund an E-Lab?

Unfortunately, once a lab has been purchased and ordered, even if the client no longer requires them and has not scheduled them, E-labs cannot be refunded.

Where can I see what is included with Quest Lab combos?

Here is where you can see details of combination lab packages: https://www.labtestingapi.com/store

Can my client pay with their insurance? 

At this time, clients are required to pay for labs out of pocket, and labs purchased via Healthie are not processed via insurance. This pertains to labs ordered through Healthie's integration with Quest Diagnostics, and Evexia. 

You may be able to provide client's with a Superbill for possible reimbursement through their insurance. 

Are there any restrictions for clients? 

Lab ordering is not available to clients residing in AZ, NY, NJ, or RI. This restriction is based on state legislation, and is not determined by Healthie or Quest Diagnostics. Clients must also be 18 years of age or older to consent to a lab order. This restriction comes from the physician network that Healthie contracts with. Parents cannot consent on behalf of minors.  

Can my client walk-in to a Quest site? 

After your client purchases their lab order, they will be prompted to schedule an appointment at a nearby Quest Lab site. Quest labs do accept walk-ins but your client may have to wait longer. The scheduling tool via Healthie will display all contact information for the Quest site, include address, phone number, and hours. We suggest that your client call the Quest location near them directly to confirm if an appointment is required, especially as locations may be operating by appointment only due to COVID-19.

Do I need to provide my clients with any paperwork for lab ordering? 

No. Once your client purchases a lab order, they will be prompted to complete a Lab Order Consent Form directly within Healthie. You do not need to provide this form, it will appear automatically to the client. 

How do I add a client's lab order to their chart in Healthie?

Within the Labs tab, you'll be able to view a lab and download the requisition form as a PDF. You can then upload the PDF into your client's chart. You can also E-Fax this document to other members of your client's care team (with their consent). Learn more

You have the option to add a Custom Metric with the name(s) of the labs that you have requested from a client. In this instance, we recommend creating each lab value as its own custom metric. At this time, it is not possible for lab results received from these PDF reports to be automatically added to a Metric Graph, and we will update this post if that becomes available. 

There are future updates planned to enhance this workflow, enabling you to add a lab directly to a client's chart.

Do you offer specialty or functional medicine labs? 

Currently, we offer 400+ lab orders through Quest Diagnostics. 

Healthie offers a separate integration with Evexia for ordering LabCorp and some speciality labs. Learn more here

Can I create a custom lab order to send to Quest? 

Healthie's integration with Quest Diagnostics enables providers to choose from over 400 lab orders. A new client package can be created, and any number of labs can be added to the package for clients to purchase & have tested (by visiting a Quest draw site). This enables providers to create tailored lab packages/panels. 

At this time, custom lab orders cannot be placed through Healthie/Quest Diagnostics.

Can I turn off notifications for E-Labs

Within Healthie, you'll receive a notification within Healthie, and via email, when a new lab order requisition has been received. These notifications cannot be disabled at this time. 

If I add a lab to a recurring package, will the order recur? 

No. The lab order will process only one time, creating a lab requisition order & prompting your client to schedule their appointment at a local Quest lab. If you would like to retest your client (ie. every 3 months) for the same lab, you will need to charge them again for a package containing this order. Some providers like to create packages for stand alone labs, or bundles of labs. 

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