Stool (Poop) Tracking in Healthie

Poop Tracking is an optional setting in Healthie that enables clients to log their stools, and for providers to review these entries. 

If a client does not see "Poop" tracking within their account when logged into the Healthie mobile app, please ask them to check that they have updated the app to the latest version. 


Enable poop tracking for clients 

Like other Journal Entries within Healthie, Poop Tracking can be enabled on a global, group, and per client basis. You can enable / disable poop tracking within your Journal Settings

By default, the "Poop Tracking" setting is disabled for clients. Ensure the box is checked next to the setting, and update your settings to enable poop tracking for your clients.

To enable poop tracking for a specific client: 

  • Navigate to your client's account
  • Select "Actions" from the menu
  • Next to "Client Info" which shows by default, you'll be able to click "Client Settings"

Tie Poop Tracking with Care Plans

As with all Journal Entries settings within Healthie, you can additionally tie poop tracking into Care Plans that you have created, such that clients who are part of a Care Plan will automatically be prompted to track their stools. Please follow instructions here (Adjust Journal Settings).

How a client logs a stool 

Once enabled, clients will see the "Poop" entry type within their account - when logged into Healthie from the web browser. A subsequent release will enable poop tracking from the Healthie mobile app. 

Upon clicking the entry, clients are prompted to select the form of their stool & add any note for their provider. The forms used are based on the Bristol Stool Chart

Reviewing your client's stool entries 

To review your client's stool entries, navigate to their Client Profile > Journaling > Use the "Poop" filter 

As a provider, when an entry is logged, you'll see an indication of the date/time of the logged entry, the stool consistency, and can comment or react directly on the entry.

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