Nutrient Tracking from the Healthie Mobile App

Nutrient Tracking is an (optional) setting that you can enable within Healthie Journaling that will enable your clients to log nutrient data leveraging the USDA Food Database. Similar to other calorie trackers, this allows your clients to input specific meals/foods from the database to log as a food entry within Healthie. 

You as a healthcare professional will be able to view this data (calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients) within your Client's Portal. 

Data tells us that the majority of clients prefer to log their journal entries from the Healthie mobile app - for it's convenience and real-time logging capability. Healthie's Nutrient Tracking capability replaces the need for clients to use other meal logging apps such as MyFitnessPal. This allows both providers & clients to seamlessly work together within the Healthie platform, sharing & reviewing important data related to your client's dietary intake. 

If you prefer that your client NOT be able to log meals with nutritional data, you can simply disable (or keep disabled) this journaling setting. Learn more about customizing the journaling experience for clients here


Client's Experience Logging a Meal 

Walk through the client logging experience on mobile in this short tutorial video, or by reading through the outlined steps below. 

You can find instructions to share with your clients on meal logging here

Once logged into their Client Portal from the Healthie app, clients will see a Food icon on their dashboard (if food journaling is enabled for their account). Tapping the icon will allow them to log a food or meal. 

Tapping "ADD FOOD" will display Healthie's food database, which includes thousands of food items, including brand foods. 

Clients can search for their food within the data base, and choose a food item from the results. Tapping the (+) symbol next to a food will quick-add the food item to their food entry. They can then search for & add several other items before tapping "DONE" on the top right. 

Tapping the check-mark that appears after a food has been quick-added, will remove the food from the entry. 

Tapping the food name in the list will show the nutritional data for one serving of that food item, and enable a client to adjust the serving size. They can then tap "DONE" to log their updated food item. 

When serving size is adjusted for the food item, the nutritional data that the client is viewing will automatically update as well. Here is an overview of the nutritional details your client will be able to view. 

Here is an example of a completed entry by a client, before they submit it. 

From this journaling view, a client can: 

  • Add more food items to their entry 
  • Click the Actions tab (three dots) next to a food item to 
    • View nutritional details
    • Adjust the serving size 
    • Delete the food item from the entry
  • Complete any other journaling fields (determined by their wellness provider, within journaling settings) such as adding a picture, commenting on the meal, hunger & fullness scales, and much more. 

Tapping "SAVE ENTRY" at the top right will log the client's food journal entry. They can revisit their entry at any time to edit/update details or view provider's comments, add a comment in response, and more. 

Providers Reviewing Journal Entries on Mobile 

Journal entries within Healthie are meant to be both informative, and engaging. It allows providers to get a detailed view of your client's dietary intake & habits, while providing real-time feedback. Some actions you can take regarding a logged entry: 

  • View the nutritional details for the food/meal 
  • Add a "Quick Reaction" to the entry 
  • Add a comment to the entry, or reply to your client's comment 

You can find your client's logged journal entries in two places: 

1. From the "Journal Entries" tab on your provider dashboard (where you'll see all of your client's logged entries, in chronological order. Filter by "Entry Type > Food" to quickly filter out any other entries (ie. metrics, exercise, notes). 

2. From your "Client's Profile" via Clients > Find your Client > Journaling 

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