Download (Print) a Client Intake Form or Charting Note

There may be an instance where you need to download a PDF version of a chart note or an intake form that you have created in Healthie's Form Builder. Healthie makes it easy to pull a PDF of a blank template, as well as a completed form or charting note. 

Once download, the PDF can be shared or printed as desired. 

Prior to downloading, you may want to review the following workflows to see if they meet your workflow needs: 

Download or Print a Blank Form

If a client prefers to fill out their forms on paper during a session with you, or you'd prefer to take notes by hand, you can generate a blank template of any intake form or charting note that has been created in your Healthie account. 

You'll need to have the form open within your Forms Library in order to duplicate the form. 

Forms > Locate Form > [...] > Edit 

From here, you'll see an Options tab at the top-right of the form. 

Select Generate PDF

This will create a PDF version of the form, which can be subsequently printed if desired. 

Download or Print a Client's Completed Form

Navigate to a Client's Profile > Charting > View Client Forms

Locate the form > View

You'll see the option to Save as PDF

This will create a PDF version of the form, which can be subsequently printed if desired from your local device. 

Download or Print a Client's Charting Note(s) 

You may want to save a copy of your charting note (or several charting notes) to provide to your client at their request, or to communicate with other care team members (internally or externally). 

You can generate a PDF for a specific charing note via More > Generate PDF

You can also export a PDF with all of a client's charting and intake notes by pressing the Generate PDF button, after which you'll see a checkbox for each note that you can select to be included in the PDF. 

You'll need to manually select which charting notes you'd like to export, and can also (optionally) include a standard header on every page. You can download all prior chart notes of a client by going to "All Dates" from the Archive date dropdown and then clicking Generate PDF. 

Note: Depending on how many chart notes are selected, different versions of the PDF are generated. If you has selected under 15 charting notes, a tab will populate within their browser with all of the notes that can be saved as a PDF. If you have selected over 15 charting notes, the PDF will be generated and lie within the Documents page of your client's profile.

Including a header will ensure that the business name, logo, contact information, and provider details are included at the top of each charting note. The header field is not customizable at this time. 

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