Deep Dive: Client List Report

The Healthie Reports feature is designed to keep you informed about all client, appointment, and financial activity. All reports within the Healthie platform can be run for a single provider, or an entire organization, depending on your preference. Many of our reports can be generated for a specific date range, and are designed to give you an overview into your business, clients, and financial health. 

Generate Client List Report 

Navigate to Reports > Client List > Generate Report 

It may take up to 30 minutes for the report to generate, depending on the amount of data that needs to be exported. You can navigate away from the Reports page while the report is generating. Reports will automatically be added to your Documents library in the Generated Reports file. Reports are in .CSV format which you can download to your local device. 

  • It is not currently possible to adjust a date range for Client List report. 
  • You cannot add filters to the list to exclude inactive/archived clients, or to exclude any other client data. 

Data Included in Client List Report 

The following information will be listed as column headers in the .CSV report. If there is data on file, the information will be populated in the reported in the appropriate column. 

  • Client Unique ID
  • Client Preferred First Name 
  • Client Legal First Name 
  • Client Last Name 
  • Client Middle Name (Note:  Providers can only enter Middle Names in the Client Legal First Name section under Actions. The Client List Report won't pull that name into the Client Middle Name section.)
  • Client Status (Active, Archived) 
  • Client Group 
  • Client Tags 
  • Assigned Provider
  • Client Date of Birth 
  • Client Gender 
  • First Appointment Date
  • Last Appointment Date
  • Client Phone Number 
  • Client Email Address 
  • Client Address (Street, City, State, Zip) 
  • Billing Type (Self-Pay or Insurance) 
  • Insurance Details
  • Referring Physician 
  • Date Added to Healthie

Transfer Client Data to Another Healthie Provider Account

The Client List report will export a comprehensive list of the clients added to your Healthie provider account, and relevant account details. The report is generated as a .CSV file. In the event that you are transferring client data from one Healthie account to another, follow the steps here to import your client data

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