Uploading Private Documents to a Client's Account

Healthie offers a secure and HIPAA compliant way to store and share documents with a specific client. In your Healthie provider account, there is a main Document's tab, which can serve as your main storage/library. You can share resources with clients from there. 

However, more private documents relevant to a specific client, such as testing results, can be uploaded directly to the client's private documents. 

  • Navigate to your Client's Profile > Charting > Documents 
  • Browse and select a document from your local device 
  • Indicate if you want this resource to be visible or NOT visible to a client
  • Upload your resource 

Note: the lock icon indicates that the document is private to your client's account and cannot be shared

Your client will automatically receive an email notification that a new document has been shared with them. They will be prompted to log into their Healthie Client Portal to view the new document (accessible from the web, or from the Healthie mobile app)

Additionally, Clients can view, download, and upload documents securely to their chart as well, to store and share with their healthcare provider. 

If you'd like to receive a notification when a client uploads a document, please ensure your settings are turned on. Follow the steps outlined here

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