Nutrient Tracking: Save a Meal

Nutrient Tracking is an optional food journaling setting that can be enabled for a client's account. Allow you clients to log individual foods or a meal into the app in order to track important nutrient data, such as calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients.

For quicker food logging, clients can save several food items as a meal, to avoid individually inputting each food item in the future. 

For example, a client can save a Turkey & Cheese Sandwich in lieu of inputting turkey, cheese, bread, and toppings each time they have this meal. 

Create a Meal

Once logged into their Client Portal from the Healthie app, clients will see a Food icon on their dashboard. 

Clients should start a new food journal entry > Add Food 

They can search for each item of their meal in the database, or even add a custom food item they've created. When they've finished adding all of the elements of the meal to their journal entry, they can tap Save to Meals at the bottom of the entry. 

They'll be prompted to give their meal a name. 

Log a Meal in the Future 

In the future, clients can start a new food journal entry > Add Food 

By default, they will see Search which gives them access to the food database. There is another tab next to search called My Meals > tap the (+) to quick add the meal to their journal entry. 

Clients can still add more food items to the food entry if they wish. 

Edit a Saved Meal 

To add a custom food, clients should start a new food journal entry > Add Food >  My Meals > Tap on the meals name

The nutritional details will appear for the meal, and clients can click the actions tab (three dots) on the top right. 

The option to Edit or Delete the custom food will appear. 

Editing will allow them to add or remove any foods from their meal, and adjust servings sizes. When done > tap Update

If they wish to delete the meal, tap Delete and then confirm they would like to permanently delete the meal. 

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