Add a Credit Card to Your Starter Account

Providers can get Started with Healthie at no cost on our Starter Plan. Work with up to 10 clients for free, and get access to Healthie's core features. As your practice grows, you may find the need to upgrade your plan, or add-on a feature such as an e-Fax line. This article covers how to securely add a payment card to your account, so our team can go ahead and process your subscription request. 

Add a Payment Method to Your Account 

  • When logged into Healthie, please navigate to your Subscription Page (Gear Icon > Subscriptions)
  • Click Edit (Pencil Icon) in the Payment Method section 
  • Complete the card details including card number, expiration date (MM/YY) and CVC number (3 or 4 digit code found on the back of your card)

Adjust and Self-Manage a Plan Upgrade (Starter, Essentials, Plus Plan members only)

You'll find an overview of our Plans & Pricing here. If there is a plan that you'd like to switch to, and you are a Healthie customer on a Starter, Essentials, or Plus Plan, you are now able to self-manage and have more insights into their subscription. If you are a Group Plan customer and navigate to your Subscriptions page, you will see your current plan and only the option to view Payment History. Group Plan customers will still be required to reach out to in order to adjust their subscriptions.

You have the option to subscribe on a month-to-month payment plan, or to receive a discount on an annual payment plan

As a Starter, Essentials, or Plus Plan customer, when you navigate to your Subscriptions page within Healthie (Gear Icon in top right of your profile> Subscription), you will see options to Manage Plan, view Payment Method details, or check Payment History.

Upon clicking on Manage Plan, you'll receive details as to the current Healthie Plan you're subscribed to, your trial length details (when applicable), and the option to add another Payment Method if you'd like to.

If you're currently subscribed to a monthly payment plan, you can switch to an annual payment plan to pay a lower effective rate. Toggle to Update Plan > Yearly to see your annual rate when you switch to an annual payment. To make the switch to an annual payment, click the "Select" button in the banner.

Finally, clicking on Continue will then switch you over onto another Healthie Plan.

In order for your subscription request to be completed, you'll need to add a payment card to your account (follow the steps outlined here). 

Request a Fax Line 

E-fax continues to be one of the most consistently reliable, HIPAA-compliant and secure ways to transmit client health information between clinicians and across organizations. Outbound (sending) faxes are included in all Healthie plans. These faxes are sent from a generic number that cannot receive faxes. At this time, our E-Fax partner allows faxes to be sent to U.S. and Canadian numbers.

If you'd like to add an inbound fax number to your account, so you may receive faxes within Healthie, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Add a payment card to your account on your Subscription Page
  2. Navigate to the Faxing tab in your account, and follow the on-screen prompts to place a fax request (learn more here
  3. Once our team successfully establishes your fax line (3-5 days), you'll be charged the monthly add-on fee of $10/month

Note: Healthie's Plus Plan and above includes a dedicated fax line. Please email us to upgrade your plan first, and then return to the Faxing tab to request your line to avoid the add-on fee. You can review our pricing plans here.

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