Getting Started: Your Free Starter Plan

Let us help you increase your revenue, while keeping costs low. The Starter Plan is $0/mo to use for a single provider with up to 10 active clients. Access our most popular features - scheduling, billing, client onboarding, telehealth, and payments at no cost. This plan is a solo provider plan. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for our Healthie Plus trial here. No credit card, and no commitment required. 

Starter Plan Features

Our free plan includes access to all of Healthie's core features. You can find a detailed breakdown of our core features here

  • Scheduling & automated appointment reminders
  • Paperless intakes 
  • EHR with customizable charting templates 
  • Direct integration with Stripe for payment processing & invoicing (no separate account needed) 
  • Superbills
  • Additional integrations including ClearStep and Fullscript
  • Free Outbound fax. Option to add-on a dedicated e-Fax line for $9.99/month. 
  • Secure Client Portal accessible on web and from the Healthie mobile app
  • Telehealth for 1:1 video calls 
  • Client messenger (send/receive 1:1 messages) 
  • Customizable journaling tool with the option to enable: macronutrient tracking, photo food journaling, symptom tracking, stool tracking, water intake and 
  • Ability for clients to sync FitBit, Google Fit, Apple Health devices
  • Eating disorder setting that when enabled by the provider will automatically hide sensitive metrics (ie. weight, BMI), journaling features, and activity tracking 
  • Documents library, store & share resources with clients

Become a Starter Member

Sign up for a free Starter account here. No credit card, and no commitment required. 

Upgrade at any time to a plan that fits your business needs, as your practice grows. Learn more about our plans and pricing

If you'd like to upgrade your plan, or add an inbound e-fax line to your account, please follow the steps outlined here

Account Training & Resources

You can always find support & assistance with any Healthie membership. Once you've signed up for your plan, we recommend leveraging the following free resources to set up your account & make the most of your membership. 

Free account setup tutorial videos: 

Find more training resources and support from the Healthie team: 

  • Find pre-recorded Healthie feature videos on Healthie University
  • Join free live group classes with our Success team 
  • Use the HELP button at the bottom-right of your account when logged into Healthie 
  • Email us for support at 

Upgrade to a Paid Plan

Read to take your account to the next level? We're here to help! 

1. Add a payment card to your account, so that our team can process your request 

2. Review our Pricing & Plans to determine which membership is best for you

3. Navigate to your Subscriptions page to account upgrade and learn more about our plan options 

What if I go over the client limit? 

Our Starter Plan allows you to work with 10 clients for free. New client will not be blocked from signing up to work with you (ie. buying a package, or booking an appointments), however, our team will reach out to you if you've reached the 10 client limit and assist you in upgrading your plan. 

You can also make clients inactive at any time to help maintain your total number of clients. Learn how to archive clients.  

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