Admins: Viewing Team Member Activity in Healthie

Account admins receive easy insight into the organization, including activity of team members. Healthie enables admins to view the following records related to a team member: 

  • Client list 
  • Chat history
  • Documents
  • Packages
  • CMS 1500s
  • Superbills

To access this information, admins can go to Organization > Members > View Records

Client List 

Admins can review all clients affiliated with a team member. This may be helpful when needing to review/confirm client information, or see which providers have/do not have an upcoming appointment. 

Chat History 

Admins can review any conversations including the providers. This can be helpful if a particular conversation needs to be reviewed, or to assess if conversations are being responded to. 

Learn more about Healthie Chat.


Admins can view any documents that the team member has uploaded to their Document's Library.

Learn more about Healthie Documents


Admins can view any client packages that are linked to a team member. 

Learn more about Client Packages

CMS 1500s 

Admins can view any CMS 1500's created by a team member, which can be helpful for insurance billing purposes (ie. assessing claim statuses, invoicing clients for client-owed responsibilities, etc). 

Learn more about CMS 1500s


Admins can view any Superbills created by a team member, which can be helpful for billing purposes. 

Learn more about Superbills

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