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As a business on Healthie, you are able to customize the platform to reflect your company's brand, color scheme, and incorporate other business information. Specifically, your logo, company name, social media accounts, and brand colors will automatically appear throughout the Healthie platform, for a semi-white-labeled, custom look that is reflective of your business. 

This article walks through the branding options available for non-enterprise customers. If you currently use Healthie's semi, or full-white label options, you'll find more instruction here.

To access your branding settings, navigate to Settings > Brand.


Upload your logo (Navigate to Settings > Brand) which will show on your side bar, in e-mails to clients, and on your personalized sign-in URL Learn more

We also recommend ensuring that you are uploading a high-resolution image of your logo; as an example, if you take a screenshot of your logo that is placed elsewhere, this may appear to be low-resolution when you upload this onto Healthie. The original file (.jpg, .png or .gif) of your logo, by contrast, will typically be of a higher resolution quality. 

Note: Logos are currently reflected in the web platforms for both provider and client views, not on the mobile apps. A fully white-labeled mobile app is available on Healthie's Enterprise Plan

When a brand logo is uploaded to our application, it is adjusted to a fixed width of 150px with a scaled height. For example, an original image that has a width of 300px and a height of 150px would be formatted to a width of 150px and a height of 75px when displayed. In general, we would recommend that a brand logo have at least a width of 300px and a height of 150px with a resolution of at least 72 PPI.

If a brand logo is not displaying as expected, here are a few things to try:

  • Resizing the logo to have about a 2:1 ratio between the width and the height
  • Using a bolder font for the text

In certain cases, providers may have multiple Healthie accounts, if they work individually and within an organization. In the case that when you switch accounts, the branding remains the same, please try clearing your browser cache or switching browsers to resolve the issue. 

Social media

Add URL links to your Instagram, Facebook, Website, and Blog. Social media links will show up in e-mails sent to your clients

Note: This functionality is included in Healthie's Plus Plan and above.

Profile picture

As a provider on Healthie, you can upload a Profile Picture, for your clients to see when they log in. This will show up in the client's portal, as well as on your end. We'd recommend uploading a .jpg, .png or .gif file having a width and height of 150px.

To add or update your image: 

  • Navigate to "Settings" (gear icon) > Personal > Current Profile Photo
  • Using the 'Profile Picture' button, select an image


Once the file name is visible next to the 'Profile Picture' button, submit your current password and click "Update" to save your changes


Note for multi-provider businesses: If you are part of a group practice or organization, each provider will need to upload their profile picture, so please share these instructions with them.

Company colors

Customize the colors of the web portals side bar, fonts, and accent colors

Navigate to: Settings > Brand 

Enter custom  Hex Codes (#FFFFFF) to match existing shades of your brand and color guidelines. If someone built your website on your behalf, he/she will be able to provide you with your color guide, to match exact shades within your portal. 

Navigation Bar (Side bar) Background color

This is the color of the sidebar on the left hand side of Healthie. By default it shows as Navy, but you can change it to the color of your choosing. 

Font Color

This is the color of all the text on the sidebar on the left hand side of Healthie. By default it shows as White, but you can change it to the color of your choosing. 

Note: This functionality is a part of Healthie's Plus Plan and above. Colors are currently reflected in the web platforms for both provider and client views, not the mobile apps. 

Create a Branded Client Portal Login Link 

This is a unique, branded URL that you can place on your website, social media, and/or email newsletter for clients to log in to their account.

To edit your Client Portal URL: 

  • Navigate to Settings (gear icon, top right) 
  • Locate Brand on the left-hand menu 
  • Click "Edit" next to "Client Portal" 
  • We recommend customizing your URL with your brand name (example: /LiveBetter) 

Note:Your URL must contain 3-100 letters or numbers. Special characters cannot be included.

You'll then be able to use your branded link (example: which will bring clients to the client login page (as opposed to requiring them to go to and logging in from the main site page). 

In addition to proving a customized URL for your business, branding elements, such as your business name, logo, and color scheme, will automatically be client-facing. Some branding elements (ie. branding color scheme) are available only on Plus plan and above. 

Additional Customization & Branding Options

By default, your business brand logos, colors, and names appear throughout the platform. 

Need more customization? 

Learn more about our semi- white-label on webfull white-label on web, and white-label on mobile options. 

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