Advanced Package & Calendar Sharing for Organizations

Healthie's Calendar and Client Packages features are powerful tools to centralize your organization's scheduling and payment needs. This article outlines how you can set up your embeds and URLs, as well as showcases examples of Advanced Configurations that we have helped our Organizations set up. 

Setting up Your Calendar & Client Packages

Here are some resources to review when setting up your Calendar URLs:

Here are some resources to review when setting up your Packages and Embeds:

Advanced Configurations for Organizations

Our team can help you configure your embed links and URLs. For all of the examples below, or any other questions you have about configurations, please email

  • If you have many providers, locations, or states in which you offer services, our team can help you determine the best way to configure your embeds & URLs. 
  • If you have an existing dropdown or search capability to organize your providers, we can help you connect Healthie's calendar to this existing functionality (or, if you are interested in adding this capability, we can send you best practices in doing so)
  • If you would like to set a priority level for scheduling amongst providers, we can a a priority level (e.g., 1, 2, 3) next to each of your providers. This means that certain providers are prioritized over others in booking, if multiple providers are available at the same time in your calendar widget
  • We can help you add an intake form to your package link to collect more information from clients when they purchase a package from you (independent of intake flows)
    • Ex: If you would like to collect Client Address, Zip Code, Member ID, an open-answer question, or anything else 
    • Ex: Add COVID-19 screening questions if you are conducting in-person appointments
    • We recommend adding only a few extra questions so as not block a client from purchasing/signing up for your package. 
  • We can help you edit your package links to show a price of a package while not requiring a credit card 
    • Organizations use this for in-person medical services that need to be paid at time of service 
  • We can help you edit your package link to show "free" but still require that a client put a credit card for use on file 
    • This helps prevent no-shows or late cancelations for discovery calls and helps keep your calendar booked with more serious potential clients 
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