Account Admins and Owners in Healthie

Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant web platform & mobile app includes a robust feature set from scheduling, billing, and EHR to telehealth, online programs, client messaging, and more. Organizations can maintain oversight of their team members, but adjusting the role designations, settings, and permissions for each team member. 

This article provides an overview of the role designations of Account Admin and Account Owner within Healthie. 

Note: Account Admins and Owners will be billed as a standard Organization seat team members for their access.

Account Admin

Admins are able to control the permissions and settings for each member of the organization, giving an important level of oversight.

An account administrator generally has the highest level of organizational permissions, including:

There can be multiple account admins within an account. Additionally, the admin does not have to be a standard provider (they can be designated as a support role).

The administrator status of a team member can be designated within their Member Settings (Settings > Organization > Members) 

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Account Owner

The Account Owner for an account is the designated person responsible for the account. The Owner can adjust the billing subscription associated with the account, close the account, and make executive decisions for adding & removing team members. 

There can only be ONE Account Owner. An Account Owner is also designated as an Account Admin. 

The Account Owner can be found in Organization > Members, and is designated by the "Owner" icon. 

The Account Owner must be a standard seat and will be counted in billing as an active license seat. 

If a change to the Account Owner needs to be requested, an email should be sent to To protect your account security, Proof of ownership of the business is required for Healthie to make any changes to the account owner (ie. business bank statement in the owner's name, tax documentation, etc). 

Change or Designate an Account Admin 

Members are unable to directly change their role in Healthie. In order for someone to be set as an admin, then please have an existing account admin update the member's role 

Organization > Members > Edit Member > Permissions

Set the member to "YES" as an admin, and Save to apply the role change. 

If you are currently the owner of the account, and your user is not set as an admin, you will not be able to self-change your own designation. Instead, you can reach out to and we can change that designation for you. 

Transfer Account Ownership 

Within Healthie, there can ever only be one account owner. This person is indicated in the Member's page  with a "Owner" designation. If you would like to request a change in ownership, please see the steps below. 

Current Owner Initiating Request 

As you are the current account owner, we can adjust the owner for you. Please confirm the name and email address of the new account owner. You can cc the new owner on this email thread to so we can validate that they would like to become the new account owner. 

The new account owner will then need to do the following: 

  • Update the Financials Page to update payment processing & banking details for the account as needed
  • Change the card on file for subscription payments (optional). A new card can be added by logging into your Healthie provider account > Gear icon (top right) > Subscription 
  • Reach out to with the last 4 digits of their credit card to confirm that this is the new default card on file for the account subscription (optional) 

Another Team Member (Not the Owner) Initiating Request 

Healthie safeguards all financial and account information on behalf of our customers. As such, we cannot accommodate a change in account ownership without certain measures in place.  

The following would be required, and emailed to 

  • An email sent from the current account owner's email address, confirming the ownership change
  • OR proof of account authorization / ownership 
    • This situation would be used if an employee in a larger clinic/business set up the account - in this case we would need an email from a C-Suite representative 
    • Another use case is in the unfortunate event of the death of the current account owner. You can email our team with supporting evidence and require a new account owner/admin be designated if appropriate (ie. the spouse, or co-owner for the business).  
    • If a business has been sold to a new member, then we would request the existing account owner to send us an email to to alert of this transfer. Our Support Team can assist further with ensuring account access and account updates as needed. 

Once we receive this confirmation, we'll be able to update the owner for your account. 

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