September 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: September 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


View & Manage Client Tags from the Client's Profile 

Client Tags can be viewed and added directly within the Client's Profile. Tags are now located below the client's avatar or profile picture on the top-left. 

Additionally, tags are listed in the "blue banner" at the top of the client's profile. This will allow tags information to be visible when navigating anywhere within the client's profile or chart. 

From the client profile page, tags can also be added and/or removed. 

  • Use the (+) symbol to add a tag 
  • Hover over an existing tag > [...] > Remove from client to delete a tag

Clarification of Custom Pronouns

When adding or collecting pronoun information from clients, a new option "Other" will appear. This will allow the provider or the client to add a custom pronoun into this field. 

Pronoun information is stored within the client's profile, and can be collected during client onboarding by adding the "Pronoun" field to a form.

More information here: Gender, Gender Identity, and Pronouns

Mobile Release: v14.1.4/7.6.5

A new version of the Healthie mobile app has gone live. If the app has not automatically updated to the latest version, please go to the App Store or Google Play Store to initiate an update. 

Here are the improvements you (and your clients) will notice: 

API Updates

  • New Webhooks: document.created, document.updated, document.deleted

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • In the Insurance Authorization Report, the Policy, Insurance 1 Member ID, and Insurance 1 Group ID, is now that of the client's primary insurance (versus the first insurance that is added for their account). 
  • Addition of an "Accept Assignment" field when creating CMS-1500s. Historically, this selection was automatically made on behalf of providers as "Yes" and updated on the CMS-1500 claim. Moving forward, providers now have the option to decline an assignment when necessary. Please speak to a biller if you have questions re: when to accept or decline an assignment. 
  • Payment Failure Reason added to the Payment Report
  • Improvements to charting notes saving. 
  • The Tags Manager settings page now has a "Organization Member" column, which will show how many tags are assigned to members in your team. 

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

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