August 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: August 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


State Licensure Booking Requirements

Within Healthie, each provider within an organization can have professional licensure details added to their account. Team admins can then update specific appointment types to require clients to indicate the state they reside in, and then be matched to providers who are licensed in their state. 

Once this setting is enabled for an appointment, clients will not see the option to book with providers who are not licensed in their state. This can be particularly useful for organizations that have provider networks extending across state lines, and/or those who provide telehealth care. 

Watch this brief tutorial video to learn how to enable this workflow for your organization: 

This advanced calendar setting is currently available for members on Healthie's Enterprise or Group Plan. A future update will allow for this setting to be enabled for more membership plans. Learn more: Appointment Settings: State Licensure Booking Requirements

If you'd like this setting enabled for your account, please email with subject "Enable State Licensure Booking Setting" 

Ability to Archive All Clients in a Group

No longer actively working with a client? Remove them from your active client list by archiving them. This will help to keep your clients better organized and limit some functionality for archived clients. 

Bulk archive clients, or navigate to a client group to mass-archive all clients that are assigned to that group. 

Clients > Client Groups > [...] > Archive All Clients

Archiving clients within a group will not archive the group itself. New clients can be added to this group at any time. 

Learn more: Active and Archived Clients

Improved Insights into Video Call Issues 

When a client or provider has an issue joining a video call, Healthie will proactively give more details in a message to the other person. This includes if the other person is having hardware issues (ie. has not enabled their audio or video), or the other person has not yet joined the call. 

This improved product messaging is designed to help give both providers & clients a better telehealth experience when using Healthie Video calls. These alerts will display when using Healthie Video Calls from the web platform.

You'll find more resources on troubleshooting video calls here: 

Zoom Dial-In Information

In certain cases, clients may want to dial-in to a Zoom appointment using their phone, rather than joining via the Zoom application.  

The dial-in details for a scheduled appointment can be found by navigating to the Appointment > Session Details > Zoom Dial-in Info

Note: A subsequent release will allow clients to directly access Zoom Dial-In information.

More Information: Zoom Dial-In Details

Notification "Client Email Address Already in Use" 

When creating a new client account or changing the email of an existing client, if the provider enters an email address that already belongs to an active or archived client  within the same organization, a confirmation modal will appear asking the provider to confirm whether they would like to link the new client account to the existing client account. Learn more: Client Email Address Already in Use

Team Member Management Updates

  • A search bar has been added to the redesigned Organization Member's page
  • A new setting has been added to the Organization Member's Permissions that will allow specific team members to assign tasks to other team members when enabled. 
  • Ability to add State/Professional Licensure details for each team member
  • Addition of Team Member Tags 

Add Team Member Tags 

This feature enables account admins to add tags to organize, and categorize team members. 

With tags, organizations can categorize team members based on attributes, such as profession, location, and specialty. Tags are designed to improve internal workflows. 

Team admins, or those with permissions, can take the following steps to manage tags for members: 

  • Navigate to Organization > Members Page
  • Click + Add Tag 
  • Select an existing tag or create a new tag

Future planned updates will enable organizations to use automations that leverage team member (and client) tags. Additionally, account admins will be able to adjust team member permissions to indicate which members should have the ability to manage tags. 

Learn More: Team Member Tags

View & Manage Client Tags from the Client's Profile 

Client Tags can be viewed and added directly within the Client's Profile. Tags are located below the client's avatar or profile picture on the top-left. 

Use (+ Add Tag) to add a tag 

Hover over a tag and click [...] to remove the tag

Tags Manager Page in Settings

Get a holistic view of all client and provider tags. Rename or delete tags directly from the Tags Manager Page. 

Team admins, or those with permissions, can navigate to Settings > Tags

Learn More: Tags Manager Page

Video Call Method Clarification During Scheduling

When "Video Call" is the selected as the contact type for a call, the available video call method options are more clearly listed. The options that appear in your account may be dependent on your settings and subscription plan. 

API Updates

  • Professional State Licensure information can now be documented for team members via Healthie's API. It is the `updateOrganizationMember` and `createTag` mutations respectively. A quick follow-up on UI is planned.
  • Two new fields external_id and external_id_type added to both custom_module and custom_module_form. They are both be nullable strings.
  • Webhooks added for Tasks.

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • New: Testimonial Release Form added to Healthie's Forms Library. Leverage any template in the library to customize a form for your business. Learn more
  • Updated Document shared email notification. Before the email would have the following text "[Document owner] has shared a document with you" which caused confusion if the Document owner is not the person the client is working with. Now the email will have the following text "[Org Brand Name] has shared a document with you."
  • Providers will no longer be able to 'Save and Close' or 'Sign and Lock' a charting note if the note has required fields that have not been completed. The missing fields will be highlighted, and the provider will need to complete the form in order to save the note.
  • When copying forms that were created with conditional logic, the conditional logic will now apply to the copied/new form. 
  • When downloading a Report of Form Responses, the exported file will now include details as to the client's group.
  • When a form is deleted in Form Builder, clients will no longer receive that form as part of an Intake Flow, after booking an appointment, or after an appointment is marked as occurred.
  • When an Appointment is edited to have a different Provider, the new Provider now receives an email notification.
  • A notification will now appear when a provider is adding a client with an email address that already exists for another client.When a provider sends a message blast to a client that has a closed conversation, a new conversation will now be created, before that message would be sent to the closed conversation.
  • Autosave will be triggered in Charting when a Provider presses the browser back button, the breadcrumbs bar back button, or any of the main navigation items.
  • 5 minute appointment interval added to Appointment Settings (ie. appointments starting at 3:00, 3:05, 3:10, etc will display to be booked) - email to have this setting enabled for your account. 
  • When an Appointment Type is deleted, availability for that Appointment Type will now also be deleted if Availability by Appointment Type is enabled for your account. 
  • Ongoing improvements to food database results when using Nutrient Tracking with clients. 

Past and Planned Updates

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