Nutrient Tracking: Barcode Scanner

Nutrient Tracking is an optional setting that you can enable within Healthie Journaling that will enable your clients to log nutrient data leveraging the Edamam Food Database. You as a healthcare professional will be able to view this data (calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients) within your Client's Portal. 

When this setting is turned on for your clients, clients will have the ability to: 

  • Search for, and log, specific food items from our internal food database (both from the web and Healthie mobile app)
  • View macronutrient and key micronutrient data 
  • View overall calories consumed per journal entry, and total calories consumed per day as part of Journal Entries

Learn more here: Nutrient Tracking in Healthie

Use the Barcode Scanner to add a Food 

Clients are able (and most likely prefer) to add their food entries from Healthie's Mobile app. When the journaling setting for client(s) is enabled that allows for nutrient tracking, clients will automatically see a barcode scanner icon when logging a food entry. 

Clients can tap the barcode scanner icon, and use it to scan & add a food item when a barcode. 

If the product is located in our food database, then the entry will automatically be populated with the nutrition information for this product. Clients can review the food item or adjust the serving size & quantity before saving the entry. 

If the product cannot be located in our food database, clients will see an message "No Match Found." Healthie is continuously working with our integration partner, Edamam, to ensure the most expansive & accurate food matches are displayed to clients. 

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