Enable Nutrient Tracking for a Client

Nutrient Tracking is an optional food journaling setting that can be enabled for a client's account. Allow you clients to log individual foods or a meal into the app in order to track important nutrient data, such as calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients. 

This optional setting can be turned on for your client's account in their account settings. This can only be done from the web browser when logged into your Healthie provider account (not the mobile app).  

Nutrient Tracking for a Specific Client

Client Profile > Actions > Settings > Macro and micro nutrient tracking

Note: Nutrient tracking will NOT show as an option for your client if you did not enable this setting in their individual client profile (ie. if you only adjust your global default settings). Learn more about client settings here

Tip: As a provider, we recommend that you create a test client account (add yourself as a client using a different email address). You can experience journaling and nutrient tracking first-hand. 

Once enabled, your client will be able to log a food or meal, add custom foods, and create meals. Entries are visible to you as their healthcare provider, to review, assess, and provide direct feedback on. 

Nutrient Tracking as a Global or Group Setting

If you'd like to make Nutrient Tracking by default available to all your clients, or a group of clients, you can turn on this setting in your global and/or group settings. 

In this case however, Nutrient Tracking will only be automatically enabled for any NEW clients you add to the platform or a group, it will not be enabled for existing clients. You'll need to adjust their individual client settings. 

Review Healthie's Client Settings

Nutrient Tracking and Care Plans

As with all Journal Entries settings within Healthie, you can additionally tie nutrient tracking into Care Plans that you have created, such that clients who are part of a Care Plan will automatically be prompted to track nutrients. 

Please follow instructions here (Adjust Journal Settings).

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